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All Space Missions

Apollo 1  (1967)

(AS-204). Planned as a low-orbit mission February 21, 1967, but a cabin fire in a rehearsal test on January 27 killed the three astronauts.

Apollo 10  (1969)

Dress rehearsal for first lunar landing; flew LM down to 50,000 feet (15 km) from lunar surface.

Apollo 11  (1969)

First manned landing, in Sea of Tranquility.

Apollo 12  (1969)

Second landing, in Ocean of Storms near Surveyor 3.

Apollo 13  (1970)

Third landing attempt aborted near the Moon, due to SM failure. Crew used LM as "life boat" to return to Earth.

Apollo 14  (1971)

Third moon landing, in Fra Mauro.

Apollo 15  (1971)

First Extended LM and LRV rover, landed in Hadley-Apennine.

Apollo 16  (1972)

Landed in Plain of Descartes.

Apollo 17  (1972)

Only Saturn V night launch. Landed in Taurus-Littrow. First geologist on the Moon. Final manned Moon landing.

Apollo 18

(abandoned) Originally planned to land in Schroter's Valley, a river-like channel.

Apollo 7  (1968)

First manned Earth orbital demonstration of Block II CSM, launched on Saturn IB. First live television publicly broadcast from a manned mission.

Apollo 8  (1968)

First manned flight to Moon; CSM made 10 lunar orbits in 20 hours.

Apollo 9  (1969)

First manned flight of CSM and LM in Earth orbit; demonstrated Portable Life Support System to be used on the lunar surface.


Expedition 1

Expedition 13

Expedition 14

Expedition 15

Expedition 16

Expedition 17

Expedition 21/22

Expedition 25/26

Expedition 28/29

Expedition 3

Expedition 32/33

Expedition 42/43

Expedition 43/44

Expedition 44/45

Expedition 45/46

Expedition 46/47  (2015)

Expedition 46/47 was from 15 December 2015 to 18 June 2016, on Soyuz TMA-19M

Expedition 47/48

Expedition 48  (2016)

Install the new International Docking Adapter

Expedition 5

Expedition 50

Expedition 6

Gemini 10  (1966)

First use of the Agena Target Vehicle's propulsion systems. The spacecraft also rendezvoused with the Agena Target Vehicle from Gemini 8. Collins had 49 minutes of EVA standing in the hatch and 39 minutes of EVA to retrieve experiments from the Agena. 43 orbits completed.

Gemini 11  (1966)

Gemini record altitude with apogee of 739.2 nautical miles reached using the Agena Target Vehicle propulsion system after first orbit rendezvous and docking. Gordon made a 33-minute EVA and two-hour standup EVA. 44 orbits.

Gemini 12  (1966)

Final Gemini flight. Rendezvoused and docked manually with its target Agena and kept station with it during EVA. Aldrin set an EVA record of 5 hours and 30 minutes for one space walk and two stand-up exercises, and demonstrated solutions to previous EVA problems. 59 orbits completed

Gemini 3  (1965)

First manned Gemini flight, three orbits.

Gemini 4  (1965)

Included first extravehicular activity (EVA) by an American. White's "space walk" was a 22-minute EVA exercise.

Gemini 5  (1965)

First week-long flight. First use of fuel cells for electrical power. Evaluated guidance and navigation system for future rendezvous missions. Completed 120 orbits.

Gemini 6  (1965)

First space rendezvous accomplished with Gemini 7, station-keeping for over five hours at distances from 1 to 300 ft.

Gemini 7  (1965)

When the original Gemini 6 mission was scrubbed because its Agena target for rendezvous and docking failed, Gemini 7 was used for the rendezvous instead. Primary objective was to determine whether humans could live in space for 14 days.

Gemini 8  (1966)

Accomplished first docking with another space vehicle, an unmanned Agena Target Vehicle. While docked, a Gemini spacecraft thruster malfunction caused near-fatal tumbling of the craft, which, after undocking, Armstrong was able to overcome; the crew effected the first emergency landing of a manned U.S. space mission.

Gemini 9A  (1966)

Rescheduled from May to rendezvous and dock with an Augmented Target Docking Adapter (ATDA) after the original Agena Target Vehicle failed to orbit. The ATDA shroud did not completely separate, making docking impossible. Three different types of rendezvous, two hours of EVA, and 44 orbits were completed.

Mercury-Atlas 6  (1962)

Call sign: Friendship 7. 3 orbits. First American in orbit. Retropack retained during re-entry Recovered by destroyer USS Noa.

Mercury-Atlas 7  (1962)

Call sign: Aurora 7. 3 orbits. Carpenter replaced Deke Slayton. Recovered by destroyer USS Farragut.

Mercury-Atlas 8  (1962)

Call sign: Sigma 7. 6 orbits. The flight closest to plan. Carried out maneuvering tests. Recovered by carrier USS Kearsarge.

Mercury-Atlas 9  (1963)

Call sign: Faith 7. 22 orbits. First American in space for over a day. Last American solo mission. Recovered by USS Kearsarge.

Mercury-Redstone 3  (1961)

Call sign: Freedom 7. Suborbital test. First American in space. Recovered by carrier USS Lake Champlain.

Mercury-Redstone 4  (1961)

Call sign: Liberty Bell 7. Suborbital test. Spacecraft sank during recovery when hatch unexpectedly blew off. Recovered by carrier USS Randolph.


Mir EO-18

Salyut 1

Shenzhou 10

Shenzhou 11

Shenzhou 7

Shenzhou 9

Skylab 2

Skylab 3

Skylab 4


Soyuz 1  (1967)

April 23. The first crewed flight of the Soyuz spacecraft. Pilot Komarov was killed when the parachute failed to open on return after 18 orbits on April 24.

Soyuz 11  (1971)

The only manned mission to board the world's first space station, Salyut 1. Arrived at the Salyut 1 station on 7 June 1971 and departed on 29 June. The capsule lost cabin pressure reentering, killing all 3 cosmonauts.

Soyuz 16

Soyuz 19

Soyuz 22

Soyuz 25

Soyuz 26/27

Soyuz 29/31

Soyuz 31

Soyuz 38

Soyuz 7

Soyuz 9

Soyuz MS-03

Soyuz T-12

Soyuz T-14

Soyuz T-4

Soyuz T-7/5

Soyuz T-8

Soyuz TM-12

Soyuz TM-13

Soyuz TM-18

Soyuz TM-19

Soyuz TM-2/3

Soyuz TM-20/STS-84

Soyuz TM-21

Soyuz TM-23

Soyuz TM-24/23

Soyuz TM-31

Soyuz TM-33/32

Soyuz TM-4/6

Soyuz TM-7

Soyuz TMA-01M

Soyuz TMA-02M

Soyuz TMA-04M

Soyuz TMA-05M

Soyuz TMA-09M

Soyuz TMA-1

Soyuz TMA-1/TM-34

Soyuz TMA-10

Soyuz TMA-11

Soyuz TMA-12

Soyuz TMA-12/11

Soyuz TMA-14

Soyuz TMA-14M

Soyuz TMA-15

Soyuz TMA-15M

Soyuz TMA-16

Soyuz TMA-16M

Soyuz TMA-17M

Soyuz TMA-18

Soyuz TMA-18M

Soyuz TMA-19

Soyuz TMA-19M

Soyuz TMA-2

Soyuz TMA-20

Soyuz TMA-20M

Soyuz TMA-3

Soyuz TMA-5

Soyuz TMA-7

Soyuz TMA-8

Soyuz TMA-9

Soyuz TMA-MS-01

SpaceLab  (1992)

January 22. The IML-1 module, aboard Discovery on mission STS-42.

SpaceLab 1  (1983)

Shuttle mission STS-9 on Columbia.

SpaceLab 2  (1985)

July 29. Aboard Challenger on mission STS-51-F.

SpaceLab 3  (1985)

April 29. Aboard shuttle Challenger on mission STS-51B. Objective was to provide a high quality microgravity environment for delicate materials processing and fluid experiments.

SpaceLab D1  (1985)

October 30 - November 6. Shuttle mission STS-61-A, funded and directed by West Germany. 3 payload specialists, 2 Germans, one Dutch.

SpaceLab D2  (1993)

Shuttle mission STS-55, aboard Columbia. German astronauts Ulrich Walter and Hans Schlegel.

SpaceLab J  (1992)

Launched in shuttle mission STS-47 aboard Endeavour. A mission for the Japanese Space Agency.


SpaceShipOne flight 15P

SpaceShipOne flight 16P

STS-1  (1981)

April 12. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 2d 6h

STS-100  (2001)

April 19. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 11d 21h

STS-101  (2000)

May 19. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 9d 21h

STS-102  (2001)

March 8. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 12d 19h


STS-103  (1999)

December 19. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 7d 23h

STS-104  (2001)

July 12. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 12d 18h

STS-105  (2001)

August 10. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 11d 21h

STS-106  (2000)

September 8. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 11d 19h

STS-107  (2003)

January 16. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 15d 22h. Destroyed February 1 on re-entry, killing all 7 astronauts. The cause was a breach on the left wing at take-off.

STS-108  (2001)

December 5. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 11d 19h


STS-109  (2002)

March 1. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 10d 22h

STS-110  (2002)

April 8. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 10d 19h

STS-111  (2002)

June 5. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 13d 20h

STS-112  (2002)

October 7. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 10d 19h

STS-113  (2002)

November 23. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 13d 18h

STS-114  (2005)

July 26. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 13d 21h

STS-115  (2006)

September 9. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 11d 19h 6m 35s

STS-116  (2006)

December 9. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 12d 20h 45m 16s

STS-117  (2007)

June 8. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 13d 20h 12m 44s

STS-118  (2007)

August 8. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 12d 17h 55m 34s

STS-119  (2009)

March 15. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 12d 19h 31m 1s

STS-120  (2007)

October 23. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 15d 2h 23m 55s

STS-121  (2006)

July 4. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 12d 18h 36m 48s

STS-122  (2008)

February 7. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 12d 18h 21m 50s


STS-123  (2008)

March 11. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 15d 18h 12m 27s

STS-124  (2008)

May 31. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 13d 18h 14m 7s


STS-125  (2009)

May 11. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 12d 21h 38m 19s

STS-126  (2008)

November 14. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 15d 20h 30m 34s


STS-127  (2009)

July 15. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 15d 16h 44m 58s

STS-128  (2009)

August 28. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 13d 20h 54m 55s

STS-129  (2009)

November 16. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 10d 19h 16m 13s

STS-130  (2010)

February 8. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 13d 18h 8m 3s

STS-131  (2010)

April 5. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 15d 2h 47m 11s

STS-132  (2010)

May 14. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 11d 18h 29m

STS-133  (2011)

February 24. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 12d 19h 4m 50s

STS-134  (2011)

May 16. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 15d 17h 38m 51s

STS-135  (2011)

July 8. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration 12d 18h 28m 50s

STS-2  (1981)

November 12. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 2d 6h

STS-26  (1988)

September 29. Duration: Discovery. Duration: 4d 1h

STS-27  (1988)

December 2. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 4d 9h

STS-28  (1989)

August 8. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 5d 1h

STS-29  (1989)

March 13. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 4d 23h

STS-3  (1982)

March 22. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 8d 0h

STS-30  (1989)

May 4. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 4d 0h

STS-31  (1990)

April 24. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 5d 1h

STS-32  (1990)

January 9. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 10d 21h

STS-33  (1989)

November 22. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 5d 0h

STS-34  (1989)

October 18. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 4d 23h

STS-35  (1990)

December 2. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 8d 23h

STS-36  (1990)

February 28. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 4d 10h

STS-37  (1991)

April 5. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 5d 23h

STS-38  (1990)

November 15. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 4d 21h

STS-39  (1991)

April 28. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 8d 7h

STS-4  (1982)

June 27. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 7d 1h

STS-40  (1991)

June 5. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 9d 2h

STS-41  (1990)

October 6. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 4d 2h

STS-41-B  (1984)

February 3. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 7d 23h

STS-41-C  (1984)

April 6. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 6d 23h

STS-41-D  (1984)

August 30. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 6d 0h

STS-41-G  (1984)

October 5. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 8d 5h

STS-42  (1992)

January 22. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 8d 1h

STS-43  (1991)

August 2. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 8d 21h

STS-44  (1991)

November 24. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 6d 22h

STS-45  (1992)

March 24. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 8d 22h

STS-46  (1992)

July 31. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 7d 23h

STS-47  (1992)

September 12. Duration: Endeavour. Duration: 7d 22h

STS-48  (1991)

September 12. Duration: Discovery. Duration: 5d 8h

STS-49  (1992)

May 7. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 8d 21h

STS-5  (1982)

November 11. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 5d 2h

STS-50  (1992)

June 25. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 13d 19h

STS-51  (1993)

September 12. Duration: Discovery. Duration: 9d 20h

STS-51-A  (1984)

November 8. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 7d 23h

STS-51-B  (1985)

April 29. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 7d 0h

STS-51-C  (1985)

January 24. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 3d 1h

STS-51-D  (1985)

April 12. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 6d 23h

STS-51-F  (1985)

July 29. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 7d 22h

STS-51-G  (1985)

June 17. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 7d 1h

STS-51-I  (1985)

August 27. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 7d 2h

STS-51-J  (1985)

October 3. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 4d 1h

STS-51-L  (1986)

January 28. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 73s. Exploded shortly after takeoff killing all 7 astronauts.

STS-52  (1992)

October 22. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 9d 20h

STS-53  (1992)

December 2. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 7d 7h

STS-54  (1993)

January 13. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 5d 23h

STS-55  (1993)

April 26. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 9d 23h

STS-56  (1993)

April 8. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 9d 6h

STS-57  (1993)

June 21. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 9d 23h

STS-58  (1993)

October 18. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 14d 0h

STS-59  (1994)

April 9. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 11d 5h

STS-6  (1983)

April 4. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 5d 0h

STS-60  (1994)

February 3. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 7d 6h

STS-61  (1993)

December 2. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 10d 19h

STS-61-A  (1985)

October 30. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 7d 0h

STS-61-B  (1985)

November 26. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 6d 21h

STS-61-C  (1986)

January 12. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 6d 2h

STS-62  (1994)

March 4. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 13d 23h

STS-63  (1995)

February 3. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 8d 6h

STS-64  (1994)

September 9. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 10d 22h

STS-65  (1994)

July 8. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 14d 17h

STS-66  (1994)

November 3. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 10d 22h

STS-67  (1995)

March 2. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 16d 15h

STS-68  (1994)

September 30. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 11d 5h

STS-69  (1995)

September 7. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 10d 20h

STS-7  (1983)

June 18. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 6d 2h

STS-70  (1995)

July 13. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 8d 22h

STS-71  (1995)

June 27. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 9d 19h

STS-72  (1996)

January 11. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 8d 22h

STS-73  (1995)

October 20. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 15d 21h

STS-74  (1995)

November 12. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 8d 4h

STS-75  (1996)

February 22. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 15d 17h

STS-76  (1996)

March 22. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 9d 5h

STS-77  (1996)

May 19. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 10d 0h

STS-78  (1996)

June 20. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 16d 21h

STS-79  (1996)

September 16. Duration: Atlantis. Duration: 10d 3h

STS-8  (1983)

August 30. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 6d 1h

STS-80  (1996)

November 19. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 17d 15h

STS-81  (1997)

January 12. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 10d 4h

STS-82  (1997)

February 11. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 9d 23h

STS-83  (1997)

April 4. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 3d 23h

STS-84  (1997)

May 15. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 9d 5h


STS-85  (1997)

August 7. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 11d 20h

STS-86  (1997)

September 25. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 10d 19h

STS-87  (1997)

November 19. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 15d 16h

STS-88  (1998)

December 4. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 11d 19h

STS-89  (1998)

January 22. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 8d 19h


STS-9  (1983)

November 28. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 10d 7h

STS-90  (1998)

April 17. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 15d 21h

STS-91  (1998)

June 2. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 9d 19h

STS-92  (2000)

October 11. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 12d 21h

STS-93  (1999)

July 23. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 4d 22h

STS-94  (1997)

July 1. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 15d 16h

STS-95  (1998)

October 29. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 8d 21h

STS-96  (1999)

May 27. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 9d 19h

STS-97  (2000)

November 30. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 10d 19h

STS-98  (2001)

February 7. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 12d 21h

STS-99  (2000)

February 11. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 11d 5h



Voskhod 1  (1964)

October 12-13. First multi-person spacecraft.

Voskhod 2  (1965)

March 18-19. First spacewalk.

Vostok 1  (1961)

April 12. 1 hour 48 minutes. One orbit. First man in space. First manned orbit.

Vostok 2  (1961)

August 6-7. 17 orbits. First full day in space.

Vostok 3  (1962)

August 11-15. First simultaneous flight of two manned spacecraft.

Vostok 4  (1962)

August 12-15. First simultaneous flight of two manned spacecraft.

Vostok 5  (1963)

June 14-19. Longest solo orbital flight.

Vostok 6  (1963)

June 16-19. First woman in space.


Multiple flights by a rocket-powered aircraft. Some qualified by the US Air Force for an Astronaut Medal, exceeding 50 miles altitude. has real names of 13,406 famous people, 1,685 rappers.
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