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All Space Missions

Apollo 1 (1967)

(AS-204). Planned as a low-orbit mission February 21, 1967, but a cabin fire in a rehearsal test on January 27 killed the three astronauts.

Edward White, Gus Grissom, Roger Chaffee  Details

Apollo 10 (1969)

Dress rehearsal for first lunar landing; flew LM down to 50,000 feet (15 km) from lunar surface.

Gene Cernan, John Young, Tom Stafford  Details

Apollo 11 (1969)

First manned landing, in Sea of Tranquility.

Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong  Details

Apollo 12 (1969)

Second landing, in Ocean of Storms near Surveyor 3.

Alan Bean, Charles Conrad, Richard F. Gordon Jr.  Details

Apollo 13 (1970)

Third landing attempt aborted near the Moon, due to SM failure. Crew used LM as "life boat" to return to Earth.

Fred Haise, Jack Swigert, Jim Lovell  Details

Apollo 14 (1971)

Third moon landing, in Fra Mauro.

Alan Shepard, Ed Mitchell, Stuart Roosa  Details

Apollo 15 (1971)

First Extended LM and LRV rover, landed in Hadley-Apennine.

Alfred Worden, David Scott, James Irwin  Details

Apollo 16 (1972)

Landed in Plain of Descartes.

Charlie Duke, John Young, Ken Mattingly  Details

Apollo 17 (1972)

Only Saturn V night launch. Landed in Taurus-Littrow. First geologist on the Moon. Final manned Moon landing.

Gene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, Ron Evans  Details

Apollo 18

(abandoned) Originally planned to land in Schroter's Valley, a river-like channel.

Harrison Schmitt, Richard F. Gordon Jr., Vance Brand  Details

Apollo 7 (1968)

First manned Earth orbital demonstration of Block II CSM, launched on Saturn IB. First live television publicly broadcast from a manned mission.

Donn Eisele, Wally Schirra, Walter Cunningham  Details

Apollo 8 (1968)

First manned flight to Moon; CSM made 10 lunar orbits in 20 hours.

Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, William Anders  Details

Apollo 9 (1969)

First manned flight of CSM and LM in Earth orbit; demonstrated Portable Life Support System to be used on the lunar surface.

David Scott, James McDivitt, Rusty Schweickart  Details


Deke Slayton, Tom Stafford, Vance Brand  Details

Expedition 1

William Shepherd  Details

Expedition 11

John L. Phillips  Details

Expedition 13

Jeff Williams  Details

Expedition 14

Sunita Williams  Details

Expedition 15

Fyodor Yurchikhin, Sunita Williams  Details

Expedition 16

Peggy Whitson  Details

Expedition 17

Sergey Volkov  Details

Expedition 18

Michael Fincke  Details

Expedition 21/22

Jeff Williams  Details

Expedition 22/23

Timothy Creamer  Details

Expedition 24/25

Fyodor Yurchikhin  Details

Expedition 25/26

Scott Kelly  Details

Expedition 28/29

Sergey Volkov  Details

Expedition 3

Frank Culbertson  Details

Expedition 31/32

Joseph M. Acaba  Details

Expedition 32/33

Sunita Williams  Details

Expedition 34

Chris Hadfield  Details

Expedition 35

Chris Hadfield  Details

Expedition 39/40

Oleg Artemyev  Details

Expedition 4

Carl Walz  Details

Expedition 40/41

Gregory R. Wiseman  Details

Expedition 42/43

Samantha Cristoforetti, Terry Virts  Details

Expedition 43/44

Scott Kelly  Details

Expedition 44/45

Kjell N. Lindgren  Details

Expedition 45/46

Sergey Volkov  Details

Expedition 46/47 (2015)

Expedition 46/47 was from 15 December 2015 to 18 June 2016, on Soyuz TMA-19M

Tim Peake  Details

Expedition 47/48

Jeff Williams  Details

Expedition 48 (2016)

Install the new International Docking Adapter

Kate Rubins  Details

Expedition 48/49

Takuya Onishi  Details

Expedition 49/50

Sergey Nikolayevich Ryzhikov  Details

Expedition 5

Peggy Whitson, Sergei Treshchov  Details

Expedition 50

Peggy Whitson  Details

Expedition 51/52

Fyodor Yurchikhin, Jack Fischer  Details

Expedition 52

Peggy Whitson  Details

Expedition 53/54

Joseph M. Acaba, Mark Vande Hei  Details

Expedition 54/55

Norishige Kanai, Scott D. Tingle  Details

Expedition 55/56

Andrew J. Feustel, Oleg Artemyev, Richard R. Arnold  Details

Expedition 56

Serena Auñón-Chancellor  Details

Expedition 56/57

Sergey Prokopyev  Details

Expedition 57

David Saint-Jacques, Serena Auñón-Chancellor  Details

Expedition 58

David Saint-Jacques  Details

Expedition 58/59

Anne McClain  Details

Expedition 59

David Saint-Jacques  Details

Expedition 59/60

Nick Hague  Details

Expedition 59/60/61

Christina Koch  Details

Expedition 6

Ken Bowersox  Details

Expedition 60/61/62

Andrew R. Morgan  Details

Expedition 61

Jessica Meir  Details

Expedition 62

Jessica Meir  Details

Expedition 7

Ed Lu  Details

Expedition 9

Michael Fincke  Details

Gemini 10 (1966)

First use of the Agena Target Vehicle's propulsion systems. The spacecraft also rendezvoused with the Agena Target Vehicle from Gemini 8. Collins had 49 minutes of EVA standing in the hatch and 39 minutes of EVA to retrieve experiments from the Agena. 43 orbits completed.

John Young, Michael Collins  Details

Gemini 11 (1966)

Gemini record altitude with apogee of 739.2 nautical miles reached using the Agena Target Vehicle propulsion system after first orbit rendezvous and docking. Gordon made a 33-minute EVA and two-hour standup EVA. 44 orbits.

Charles Conrad, Richard F. Gordon Jr.  Details

Gemini 12 (1966)

Final Gemini flight. Rendezvoused and docked manually with its target Agena and kept station with it during EVA. Aldrin set an EVA record of 5 hours and 30 minutes for one space walk and two stand-up exercises, and demonstrated solutions to previous EVA problems. 59 orbits completed

Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell  Details

Gemini 3 (1965)

First manned Gemini flight, three orbits.

Gus Grissom, John Young  Details

Gemini 4 (1965)

Included first extravehicular activity (EVA) by an American. White's "space walk" was a 22-minute EVA exercise.

Edward White, James McDivitt  Details

Gemini 5 (1965)

First week-long flight. First use of fuel cells for electrical power. Evaluated guidance and navigation system for future rendezvous missions. Completed 120 orbits.

Charles Conrad, Gordon Cooper  Details

Gemini 6 (1965)

First space rendezvous accomplished with Gemini 7, station-keeping for over five hours at distances from 1 to 300 ft.

Tom Stafford, Wally Schirra  Details

Gemini 7 (1965)

When the original Gemini 6 mission was scrubbed because its Agena target for rendezvous and docking failed, Gemini 7 was used for the rendezvous instead. Primary objective was to determine whether humans could live in space for 14 days.

Frank Borman, Jim Lovell  Details

Gemini 8 (1966)

Accomplished first docking with another space vehicle, an unmanned Agena Target Vehicle. While docked, a Gemini spacecraft thruster malfunction caused near-fatal tumbling of the craft, which, after undocking, Armstrong was able to overcome; the crew effected the first emergency landing of a manned U.S. space mission.

David Scott, Neil Armstrong  Details

Gemini 9A (1966)

Rescheduled from May to rendezvous and dock with an Augmented Target Docking Adapter (ATDA) after the original Agena Target Vehicle failed to orbit. The ATDA shroud did not completely separate, making docking impossible. Three different types of rendezvous, two hours of EVA, and 44 orbits were completed.

Gene Cernan, Tom Stafford  Details

Mercury-Atlas 6 (1962)

Call sign: Friendship 7. 3 orbits. First American in orbit. Retropack retained during re-entry. Recovered by destroyer USS Noa.

John Glenn  Details

Mercury-Atlas 7 (1962)

Call sign: Aurora 7. 3 orbits. Carpenter replaced Deke Slayton. Recovered by destroyer USS Farragut.

Scott Carpenter  Details

Mercury-Atlas 8 (1962)

Call sign: Sigma 7. 6 orbits. The flight closest to plan. Carried out maneuvering tests. Recovered by carrier USS Kearsarge.

Wally Schirra  Details

Mercury-Atlas 9 (1963)

Call sign: Faith 7. 22 orbits. First American in space for over a day. Last American solo mission. Recovered by USS Kearsarge.

Gordon Cooper  Details

Mercury-Redstone 3 (1961)

Call sign: Freedom 7. Suborbital test. First American in space. Recovered by carrier USS Lake Champlain.

Alan Shepard  Details

Mercury-Redstone 4 (1961)

Call sign: Liberty Bell 7. Suborbital test. Spacecraft sank during recovery when hatch unexpectedly blew off. Recovered by carrier USS Randolph.

Gus Grissom  Details


Aleksandr Panayotov Aleksandrov, Charles Precourt, David Wolf, Helen Sharman, Ivan Bella, Janice E. Voss, Kevin Chilton, Linda Godwin, Shannon Lucid, Toyohiro Akiyama, Valeri Polyakov, Wendy Lawrence  Details

Mir EO-18

Norman Thagard  Details

Mir EO-2

Aleksandr Pavlovich Aleksandrov  Details

Salyut 1 (1971)

The first space station of any kind

Georgy Dobrovolsky, Viktor Patsayev, Vladislav Volkov  Details

Shenzhou 10 (2013)

Second Chinese woman in space; second manned docking with Tiangong-1 space station. 14 days 14 hours

Nie Haisheng, Wang Yaping, Zhang Xiaoguang  Details

Shenzhou 11 (2016)

First manned docking with Tiangong-2 space station. 33 days

Chen Dong, Jing Haipeng  Details

Shenzhou 5 (2003)

First Chinese manned flight, 14 Earth orbits

Yang Liwei  Details

Shenzhou 6 (2005)

First 2-man Chinese crew in space

Fei Junlong, Nie Haisheng  Details

Shenzhou 7 (2008)

First three-person crew, first Chinese spacewalk

Jing Haipeng, Liu Boming, Zhai Zhigang  Details

Shenzhou 9 (2012)

First Chinese woman in space; first repeated flight; first manned docking with Tiangong-1 space station, 18 June 2012. 12 days 15 hours

Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang, Liu Yang  Details

Skylab 2

Charles Conrad, Joseph Kerwin, Paul Weitz  Details

Skylab 3

Alan Bean, Jack Lousma, Owen Garriott  Details

Skylab 4

Ed Gibson, Gerald Carr, William Pogue  Details

SLS-1 (1995)

Spacelab Life Science-1 (SLS-1) was launched aboard Space Shuttle orbiter Columbia (STS-40) on June 5, 1995.

Millie Hughes-Fulford  Details

Soyuz 1 (1967)

April 23. The first crewed flight of the Soyuz spacecraft. Pilot Komarov was killed when the parachute failed to open on return after 18 orbits on April 24.

Vladimir Komarov  Details

Soyuz 11 (1971)

The only manned mission to board the world's first space station, Salyut 1. Arrived at the Salyut 1 station on 7 June 1971 and departed on 29 June. The capsule lost cabin pressure reentering, killing all 3 cosmonauts.

Georgy Dobrovolsky, Viktor Patsayev, Vladislav Volkov  Details

Soyuz 16

Anatoly Filipchenko, Nikolay Rukavishnikov  Details

Soyuz 19

Aleksei Leonov, Valeri Kubasov  Details

Soyuz 21

Boris Volynov, Vitaliy Zholobov  Details

Soyuz 22

Valery Bykovsky, Vladimir Aksyonov  Details

Soyuz 23

Valery Rozhdestvensky, Vyacheslav Zudov  Details

Soyuz 25

Valery Ryumin, Vladimir Kovalyonok  Details

Soyuz 26/27

Georgi Grechko, Yuri Romanenko  Details

Soyuz 29

Aleksandr Ivanchenkov  Details

Soyuz 29/31

Vladimir Kovalyonok  Details

Soyuz 3

Georgi Beregovoi  Details

Soyuz 31

Aleksandr Ivanchenkov, Valery Bykovsky  Details

Soyuz 33

Georgi Ivanov, Nikolay Rukavishnikov  Details

Soyuz 35/37

Leonid Popov, Valery Ryumin  Details

Soyuz 38

Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez, Yuri Romanenko  Details

Soyuz 39

Jügderdemidiin Gürragchaa, Vladimir Dzhanibekov  Details

Soyuz 40

Dumitru Prunariu, Leonid Popov  Details

Soyuz 5/4

Aleksei Yeliseyev, Yevgeny Khrunov  Details

Soyuz 7

Anatoly Filipchenko, Viktor Gorbatko, Viktor Patsayev, Vladislav Volkov  Details

Soyuz 9

Andriyan Nikolayev, Vitali Sevastyanov  Details

Soyuz MS-01

Takuya Onishi  Details

Soyuz MS-02

Sergey Nikolayevich Ryzhikov  Details

Soyuz MS-03

Peggy Whitson  Details

Soyuz MS-04

Fyodor Yurchikhin, Jack Fischer, Peggy Whitson  Details

Soyuz MS-05

Sergei Ryazanski  Details

Soyuz MS-06

Joseph M. Acaba, Mark Vande Hei  Details

Soyuz MS-07

Norishige Kanai, Scott D. Tingle  Details

Soyuz MS-08

Oleg Artemyev, Richard R. Arnold  Details

Soyuz MS-09

Serena Auñón-Chancellor, Sergey Prokopyev  Details

Soyuz MS-10

Nick Hague  Details

Soyuz MS-11

Anne McClain  Details

Soyuz MS-12

Christina Koch, Nick Hague  Details

Soyuz MS-13

Andrew R. Morgan, Christina Koch  Details

Soyuz MS-15

Jessica Meir  Details

Soyuz MS-15/12

Hazza Al Mansouri  Details

Soyuz T-10

Rakesh Sharma, Valeri Polyakov  Details

Soyuz T-11

Rakesh Sharma  Details

Soyuz T-12

Igor Volk, Svetlana Savitskaya, Vladimir Dzhanibekov  Details

Soyuz T-14

Alexandr Volkov, Vladimir Vasyutin  Details

Soyuz T-2

Vladimir Aksyonov, Yuri Malyshev  Details

Soyuz T-4

Viktor Savinykh, Vladimir Kovalyonok  Details

Soyuz T-5

Anatoli Berezovoy  Details

Soyuz T-6

Aleksandr Ivanchenkov, Jean-Loup Chrétien, Vladimir Dzhanibekov  Details

Soyuz T-7

Anatoli Berezovoy  Details

Soyuz T-7/5

Aleksandr Serebrov, Leonid Popov, Svetlana Savitskaya  Details

Soyuz T-8

Aleksandr Serebrov, Gennady Strekalov, Vladimir Titov  Details

Soyuz T-9

Aleksandr Pavlovich Aleksandrov, Vladimir Lyakhov  Details

Soyuz TM-10

Gennadi Manakov, Gennady Strekalov, Toyohiro Akiyama  Details

Soyuz TM-11

Musa Manarov, Toyohiro Akiyama, Viktor M. Afanasyev  Details

Soyuz TM-12

Anatoly Artsebarsky, Helen Sharman  Details

Soyuz TM-13

Alexandr Volkov  Details

Soyuz TM-18

Valeri Polyakov, Viktor M. Afanasyev, Yury Usachov  Details

Soyuz TM-19

Talgat Musabayev, Valeri Polyakov, Yuri Malenchenko  Details

Soyuz TM-2/3

Yuri Romanenko  Details

Soyuz TM-20

Alexandr Viktorenko, Valeri Polyakov  Details

Soyuz TM-20/STS-84

Yelena Kondakova  Details

Soyuz TM-21

Norman Thagard  Details

Soyuz TM-22

Sergei Avdeyev, Thomas Reiter, Yuri Gidzenko  Details

Soyuz TM-23

Yuri Onufrienko, Yury Usachov  Details

Soyuz TM-24/23

Claudie Haigneré  Details

Soyuz TM-29/28

Ivan Bella  Details

Soyuz TM-3

Aleksandr Pavlovich Aleksandrov  Details

Soyuz TM-31

Dennis Tito, William Shepherd  Details

Soyuz TM-32

Dennis Tito  Details

Soyuz TM-33

Mark Shuttleworth  Details

Soyuz TM-33/32

Claudie Haigneré, Konstantin Kozeyev, Viktor M. Afanasyev  Details

Soyuz TM-34

Mark Shuttleworth  Details

Soyuz TM-4/6

Musa Manarov, Vladimir Titov  Details

Soyuz TM-5

Aleksandr Panayotov Aleksandrov  Details

Soyuz TM-6

Valeri Polyakov  Details

Soyuz TM-7

Alexandr Volkov, Sergei Krikalev, Valeri Polyakov  Details

Soyuz TMA-01M

Alexandr Kaleri, Oleg Skripochka, Scott Kelly  Details

Soyuz TMA-02M

Michael Fossum, Satoshi Furukawa, Sergey Volkov  Details

Soyuz TMA-04M

Gennady Padalka, Joseph M. Acaba, Sergei Revin  Details

Soyuz TMA-05M

Akihiko Hoshide, Yuri Malenchenko  Details

Soyuz TMA-07M

Chris Hadfield  Details

Soyuz TMA-09M

Fyodor Yurchikhin, Karen Nyberg, Luca Parmitano  Details

Soyuz TMA-1

Ken Bowersox  Details

Soyuz TMA-1/TM-34

Frank De Winne, Sergei Zalyotin, Yuri Lonchakov  Details

Soyuz TMA-10

Charles Simonyi, Fyodor Yurchikhin, Oleg Kotov  Details

Soyuz TMA-10M

Michael S. Hopkins, Oleg Kotov, Sergei Ryazanski  Details

Soyuz TMA-11

Yuri Malenchenko  Details

Soyuz TMA-12

Oleg Kononenko, Sergey Volkov  Details

Soyuz TMA-12/11

Yi So-yeon  Details

Soyuz TMA-12M

Oleg Artemyev  Details

Soyuz TMA-13

Michael Fincke, Yuri Lonchakov  Details

Soyuz TMA-13/12

Richard Garriott de Cayeux  Details

Soyuz TMA-13M

Alexander Gerst, Gregory R. Wiseman, Maksim Surayev  Details

Soyuz TMA-14

Charles Simonyi, Gennady Padalka, Guy Laliberté, Michael R. Barratt  Details

Soyuz TMA-14M

Aleksandr Samokutyayev, Barry Wilmore, Yelena Serova  Details

Soyuz TMA-15

Frank De Winne, Robert Thirsk, Roman Romanenko  Details

Soyuz TMA-15M

Anton Shkaplerov, Samantha Cristoforetti, Terry Virts  Details

Soyuz TMA-16

Guy Laliberté, Jeff Williams, Maksim Surayev  Details

Soyuz TMA-16M

Gennady Padalka, Scott Kelly  Details

Soyuz TMA-17

Oleg Kotov, Soichi Noguchi, Timothy Creamer  Details

Soyuz TMA-17M

Kimiya Yui, Kjell N. Lindgren  Details

Soyuz TMA-18

Mikhail Korniyenko, Tracy Caldwell Dyson  Details

Soyuz TMA-18M

Andreas Mogensen, Aydyn Aimbetov, Sergey Volkov  Details

Soyuz TMA-19

Douglas Wheelock, Fyodor Yurchikhin, Shannon Walker  Details

Soyuz TMA-19M

Tim Peake, Timothy L. Kopra, Yuri Malenchenko  Details

Soyuz TMA-2

Ed Lu, Yuri Malenchenko  Details

Soyuz TMA-20

Catherine Coleman, Dmitri Kondratyev, Paolo A. Nespoli  Details

Soyuz TMA-20M

Aleksey Ovchinin, Jeff Williams  Details

Soyuz TMA-3

Alexandr Kaleri, Michael Foale  Details

Soyuz TMA-4

Gennady Padalka, Michael Fincke  Details

Soyuz TMA-5

Leroy Chiao, Salizhan Sharipov  Details

Soyuz TMA-6

Gregory Olsen, John L. Phillips, Sergei Krikalev  Details

Soyuz TMA-7

Gregory Olsen, Valery Tokarev, William S. McArthur  Details

Soyuz TMA-8

Jeff Williams, Marcos Pontes, Pavel Vinogradov  Details

Soyuz TMA-9

Charles Simonyi, Michael Lopez-Alegria, Mikhail Tyurin  Details

Soyuz TMA-9/8

Anousheh Ansari  Details

Soyuz TMA-MS-01

Kate Rubins  Details

SpaceLab (1992)

January 22. The IML-1 module, aboard Discovery on mission STS-42.

Roberta Bondar  Details

SpaceLab 1 (1983)

Shuttle mission STS-9 on Columbia.

John Young, Owen Garriott  Details

SpaceLab 2 (1985)

July 29. Aboard Challenger on mission STS-51-F.

C. Gordon Fullerton, Karl Henize, Story Musgrave  Details

SpaceLab 3 (1985)

April 29. Aboard shuttle Challenger on mission STS-51B. Objective was to provide a high quality microgravity environment for delicate materials processing and fluid experiments.

Robert Overmyer  Details

Spacelab D-2

Bernard Harris  Details

SpaceLab D1 (1985)

October 30 - November 6. Shuttle mission STS-61-A, funded and directed by West Germany. 3 payload specialists, 2 Germans, one Dutch.

Wubbo Ockels  Details

SpaceLab D2 (1993)

Shuttle mission STS-55, aboard Columbia. German astronauts Ulrich Walter and Hans Schlegel.

Jerry Ross (astronaut)  Details

SpaceLab J (1992)

Launched in shuttle mission STS-47 aboard Endeavour. A mission for the Japanese Space Agency.

Curt Brown  Details


Robert A. Parker  Details


William E. Thornton  Details

SpaceShipOne flight 15P

Mike Melvill  Details

SpaceShipOne flight 16P

Mike Melvill  Details

SpaceShipOne flight 17P

Brian Binnie  Details

STS-1 (1981)

April 12. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 2d 6h

Bob Crippen, John Young  Details

STS-100 (2001)

April 19. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 11d 21h

Chris Hadfield, Jeffrey Ashby, John L. Phillips, Kent Rominger, Scott Parazynski, Umberto Guidoni, Yuri Lonchakov  Details

STS-101 (2000)

May 19. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 9d 21h

James Halsell, James Voss, Jeff Williams, Mary Weber, Scott Horowitz, Susan Helms, Yury Usachov  Details

STS-102 (2001)

March 8. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 12d 19h

Andrew Thomas, James M. Kelly, Jim Wetherbee, Paul W. Richards, William Shepherd, Yury Usachov  Details


James Voss  Details

STS-103 (1999)

December 19. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 7d 23h

Claude Nicollier, Curt Brown, Jean-François Clervoy, John Grunsfeld, Michael Foale, Scott Kelly, Steven Smith  Details

STS-104 (2001)

July 12. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 12d 18h

Charles Hobaugh, James F. Reilly, Janet L. Kavandi, Michael Gernhardt, Steven Lindsey  Details

STS-105 (2001)

August 10. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 11d 21h

Dan Barry, Frank Culbertson, Frederick Sturckow, Patrick Forrester, Scott Horowitz, Yury Usachov  Details

STS-106 (2000)

September 8. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 11d 19h

Boris Morukov, Daniel Burbank, Ed Lu, Richard Mastracchio, Scott Altman, Terrence Wilcutt, Yuri Malenchenko  Details

STS-107 (2003)

January 16. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 15d 22h. Destroyed February 1 on re-entry, killing all 7 astronauts. The cause was a breach on the left wing at take-off.

David M. Brown, Ilan Ramon, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Clark, Michael P. Anderson, Rick Husband, William C. McCool  Details

STS-108 (2001)

December 5. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 11d 19h

Charles Hobaugh, Daniel Tani, Dominic Gorie, Frank Culbertson, Linda Godwin, Mark Kelly  Details


Carl Walz, Daniel Bursch, Yuri Onufrienko  Details

STS-109 (2002)

March 1. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 10d 22h

Duane G. Carey, James H. Newman, John Grunsfeld, John L. Phillips, Michael Massimino, Nancy J. Currie, Richard Linnehan, Scott Altman  Details

STS-110 (2002)

April 8. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 10d 19h

Ellen Ochoa, Jerry Ross (astronaut), Lee Morin, Michael J. Bloomfield, Rex Walheim, Stephen Frick, Steven Smith  Details

STS-111 (2002)

June 5. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 13d 20h

Franklin Chang Díaz, Kenneth Cockrell, Paul Lockhart, Philippe Perrin  Details


Sergei Treshchov, Valery Korzun  Details

STS-112 (2002)

October 7. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 10d 19h

David Wolf, Fyodor Yurchikhin, Jeffrey Ashby, Pamela Melroy, Piers Sellers, Sandra Magnus  Details

STS-113 (2002)

November 23. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 13d 18h

Jim Wetherbee, John Herrington, Ken Bowersox, Michael Lopez-Alegria, Paul Lockhart  Details

STS-114 (2005)

July 26. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 13d 21h

Andrew Thomas, Charles Camarda, Eileen Collins, James M. Kelly, Soichi Noguchi, Stephen Robinson, Wendy Lawrence  Details

STS-115 (2006)

September 9. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 11d 19h 6m 35s

Brent W. Jett Jr., Christopher Ferguson, Daniel Burbank, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, Joseph Tanner, Steven MacLean  Details

STS-116 (2006)

December 9. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 12d 20h 45m 16s

Christer Fuglesang, Joan Higginbotham, Mark Polansky, Nicholas Patrick, Robert Curbeam, William Oefelein  Details

STS-117 (2007)

June 8. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 13d 20h 12m 44s

Frederick Sturckow, James F. Reilly, John D. Olivas, Lee Archambault, Patrick Forrester, Steven Swanson  Details

STS-118 (2007)

August 8. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 12d 17h 55m 34s

Alvin Drew, Barbara Morgan, Dafydd Williams, Richard Mastracchio, Scott Kelly, Tracy Caldwell Dyson  Details

STS-119 (2009)

March 15. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 12d 19h 31m 1s

Dominic A. Antonelli, Joseph M. Acaba, Lee Archambault, Richard R. Arnold, Steven Swanson  Details

STS-120 (2007)

October 23. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 15d 2h 23m 55s

Douglas Wheelock, George D. Zamka, Pamela Melroy, Paolo A. Nespoli, Scott Parazynski, Stephanie Wilson  Details

STS-121 (2006)

July 4. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 12d 18h 36m 48s

Lisa Nowak, Mark Kelly, Michael Fossum, Piers Sellers, Stephanie Wilson, Steven Lindsey  Details


Thomas Reiter  Details

STS-122 (2008)

February 7. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 12d 18h 21m 50s

Alan Poindexter, Hans Schlegel, Rex Walheim, Stanley G. Love, Stephen Frick  Details

STS-123 (2008)

March 11. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 15d 18h 12m 27s

Dominic Gorie, Gregory H. Johnson, Michael Foreman, Richard Linnehan, Robert L. Behnken, Takao Doi  Details

STS-124 (2008)

May 31. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 13d 18h 14m 7s

Akihiko Hoshide, Karen Nyberg, Kenneth Ham, Mark Kelly, Michael Fossum, Ronald Garan  Details


Gregory Chamitoff  Details

STS-125 (2009)

May 11. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 12d 21h 38m 19s

Andrew J. Feustel, Gregory C. Johnson, John Grunsfeld, K. Megan McArthur, Michael Massimino, Michael T. Good, Scott Altman  Details

STS-126 (2008)

November 14. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 15d 20h 30m 34s

Christopher Ferguson, Donald Pettit, Eric A. Boe, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, Stephen G. Bowen  Details


Sandra Magnus  Details

STS-127 (2009)

July 15. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 15d 16h 44m 58s

Christopher Cassidy, David Wolf, Douglas G. Hurley, Julie Payette, Mark Polansky, Thomas Marshburn  Details


Timothy L. Kopra  Details

STS-128 (2009)

August 28. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 13d 20h 54m 55s

Christer Fuglesang, Frederick Sturckow, John D. Olivas, José Hernández, Kevin A. Ford, Nicole Stott, Patrick Forrester  Details

STS-129 (2009)

November 16. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 10d 19h 16m 13s

Barry Wilmore, Charles Hobaugh, Leland Melvin, Michael Foreman, Randolph Bresnik, Robert Satcher  Details

STS-130 (2010)

February 8. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 13d 18h 8m 3s

George D. Zamka, Kathryn Hire, Nicholas Patrick, Robert L. Behnken, Stephen Robinson, Terry Virts  Details

STS-131 (2010)

April 5. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 15d 2h 47m 11s

Alan Poindexter, Clayton Anderson, Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger, James Dutton, Naoko Yamazaki, Richard Mastracchio, Stephanie Wilson  Details

STS-132 (2010)

May 14. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 11d 18h 29m

Dominic A. Antonelli, Garrett Reisman, Kenneth Ham, Michael T. Good, Piers Sellers, Stephen G. Bowen  Details

STS-133 (2011)

February 24. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 12d 19h 4m 50s

Alvin Drew, Eric A. Boe, Michael R. Barratt, Nicole Stott, Stephen G. Bowen, Steven Lindsey  Details

STS-134 (2011)

May 16. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 15d 17h 38m 51s

Andrew J. Feustel, Gregory Chamitoff, Gregory H. Johnson, Mark Kelly, Michael Fincke, Roberto Vittori  Details

STS-135 (2011)

July 8. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration 12d 18h 28m 50s

Christopher Ferguson, Douglas G. Hurley, Rex Walheim, Sandra Magnus  Details

STS-2 (1981)

November 12. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 2d 6h

Joe Engle, Richard Truly  Details

STS-26 (1988)

September 29. Duration: Discovery. Duration: 4d 1h

David Hilmers, Frederick Hauck, George Nelson, John Lounge, Richard Covey  Details

STS-27 (1988)

December 2. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 4d 9h

Guy Gardner, Jerry Ross (astronaut), Richard Mullane, Robert Gibson, William Shepherd  Details

STS-28 (1989)

August 8. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 5d 1h

Brewster Shaw, David Leestma, James Adamson, Mark Brown, Richard N. Richards  Details

STS-29 (1989)

March 13. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 4d 23h

James Buchli, James P. Bagian, John Blaha, Michael Coats, Robert Springer  Details

STS-3 (1982)

March 22. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 8d 0h

C. Gordon Fullerton, Jack Lousma  Details

STS-30 (1989)

May 4. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 4d 0h

David M. Walker, Mark C. Lee, Mary L. Cleave, Norman Thagard, Ronald Grabe  Details

STS-31 (1990)

April 24. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 5d 1h

Bruce McCandless, Charles Bolden, Kathryn Sullivan, Loren Shriver, Steven Hawley  Details

STS-32 (1990)

January 9. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 10d 21h

Bonnie Dunbar, Daniel Brandenstein, G. David Low, Jim Wetherbee, Marsha Ivins  Details

STS-33 (1989)

November 22. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 5d 0h

Frederick Gregory, John Blaha, Kathryn Thornton, Sonny Carter, Story Musgrave  Details

STS-34 (1989)

October 18. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 4d 23h

Donald Williams, Ellen S. Baker, Franklin Chang Díaz, Michael J. McCulley, Shannon Lucid  Details

STS-35 (1990)

December 2. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 8d 23h

Guy Gardner, Jeffrey Hoffman, John Lounge, Robert A. Parker, Ron Parise, Samuel T. Durrance, Vance Brand  Details

STS-36 (1990)

February 28. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 4d 10h

David Hilmers, John Casper, John O. Creighton, Pierre Thuot, Richard Mullane  Details

STS-37 (1991)

April 5. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 5d 23h

Jerome Apt, Jerry Ross (astronaut), Kenneth D. Cameron, Linda Godwin, Steven Nagel  Details

STS-38 (1990)

November 15. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 4d 21h

Carl Meade, Charles Gemar, Frank Culbertson, Richard Covey, Robert Springer  Details

STS-39 (1991)

April 28. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 8d 7h

Charles Veach, Donald McMonagle, Gregory Harbaugh, Guion Bluford, Lloyd Hammond, Michael Coats, Richard Hieb  Details

STS-4 (1982)

June 27. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 7d 1h

Henry Hartsfield, Ken Mattingly  Details

STS-40 (1991)

June 5. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 9d 2h

Bryan O'Connor, F. Drew Gaffney, James P. Bagian, Millie Hughes-Fulford, Rhea Seddon, Sidney Gutierrez, Tamara E. Jernigan  Details

STS-41 (1990)

October 6. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 4d 2h

Bruce Melnick, Richard N. Richards, Robert Cabana, Thomas Akers, William Shepherd  Details

STS-41-B (1984)

February 3. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 7d 23h

Bruce McCandless, Robert Gibson, Robert Stewart, Ronald E. McNair, Vance Brand  Details

STS-41-C (1984)

April 6. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 6d 23h

Bob Crippen, Francis R. Scobee, George Nelson, James van Hoften, Terry Hart  Details

STS-41-D (1984)

August 30. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 6d 0h

Charles D. Walker, Henry Hartsfield, Judith Resnik, Michael Coats, Richard Mullane, Steven Hawley  Details

STS-41-G (1984)

October 5. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 8d 5h

Bob Crippen, David Leestma, Jon McBride, Kathryn Sullivan, Marc Garneau, Paul Scully-Power, Sally Ride  Details

STS-42 (1992)

January 22. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 8d 1h

David Hilmers, Norman Thagard, Roberta Bondar, Ronald Grabe, Stephen Oswald, Ulf Merbold, William Readdy  Details

STS-43 (1991)

August 2. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 8d 21h

G. David Low, James Adamson, John Blaha, Michael Baker, Shannon Lucid  Details

STS-44 (1991)

November 24. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 6d 22h

Frederick Gregory, James Voss, Mario Runco Jr., Story Musgrave, Terence Henricks, Thomas Hennen  Details

STS-45 (1992)

March 24. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 8d 22h

Brian Duffy, Byron Lichtenberg, Charles Bolden, David Leestma, Dirk Frimout, Kathryn Sullivan, Michael Foale  Details

STS-46 (1992)

July 31. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 7d 23h

Andrew M. Allen, Claude Nicollier, Franco Malerba, Franklin Chang Díaz, Jeffrey Hoffman, Loren Shriver, Marsha Ivins  Details

STS-47 (1992)

September 12. Duration: Endeavour. Duration: 7d 22h

Curt Brown, Jan Davis, Jerome Apt, Mae Jemison, Mamoru Mohri, Mark C. Lee, Robert Gibson  Details

STS-48 (1991)

September 12. Duration: Discovery. Duration: 5d 8h

Charles Gemar, James Buchli, John O. Creighton, Kenneth Reightler, Mark Brown  Details

STS-49 (1992)

May 7. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 8d 21h

Bruce Melnick, Daniel Brandenstein, Kathryn Thornton, Kevin Chilton, Pierre Thuot, Richard Hieb, Thomas Akers  Details

STS-5 (1982)

November 11. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 5d 2h

Joseph P. Allen, Robert Overmyer, Vance Brand, William B. Lenoir  Details

STS-50 (1992)

June 25. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 13d 19h

Bonnie Dunbar, Carl Meade, Ellen S. Baker, Eugene Trinh, Ken Bowersox, Lawrence J. DeLucas, Richard N. Richards  Details

STS-51 (1993)

September 12. Duration: Discovery. Duration: 9d 20h

Carl Walz, Daniel Bursch, Frank Culbertson, James H. Newman, William Readdy  Details

STS-51-A (1984)

November 8. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 7d 23h

Anna Lee Fischer, Dale Gardner, David M. Walker, Frederick Hauck, Joseph P. Allen  Details

STS-51-B (1985)

April 29. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 7d 0h

Don Lind, Frederick Gregory, Lodewijk van den Berg, Norman Thagard, Robert Overmyer, Taylor Wang, William E. Thornton  Details

STS-51-C (1985)

January 24. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 3d 1h

Ellison S. Onizuka, Gary Payton, James Buchli, Ken Mattingly, Loren Shriver  Details

STS-51-D (1985)

April 12. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 6d 23h

Charles D. Walker, David Griggs, Donald Williams, Jake Garn, Jeffrey Hoffman, Karol Bobko, Rhea Seddon  Details

STS-51-F (1985)

July 29. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 7d 22h

Anthony W. England, C. Gordon Fullerton, John-David F. Bartoe, Karl Henize, Loren Acton, Roy Bridges, Story Musgrave  Details

STS-51-G (1985)

June 17. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 7d 1h

Daniel Brandenstein, John Fabian, John O. Creighton, Patrick Baudry, Shannon Lucid, Steven Nagel, Sultan bin Salman Al Saud  Details

STS-51-I (1985)

August 27. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 7d 2h

James van Hoften, Joe Engle, John Lounge, Richard Covey, William Frederick Fisher  Details

STS-51-J (1985)

October 3. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 4d 1h

David Hilmers, Karol Bobko, Robert Stewart, Ronald Grabe, William Pailes  Details

STS-51-L (1986)

January 28. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 73s. Exploded shortly after takeoff killing all 7 astronauts.

Christa McAuliffe, Ellison S. Onizuka, Francis R. Scobee, Gregory B. Jarvis, Judith Resnik, Michael Smith, Ronald E. McNair  Details

STS-52 (1992)

October 22. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 9d 20h

Charles Veach, Jim Wetherbee, Michael Baker, Steven MacLean, Tamara E. Jernigan, William Shepherd  Details

STS-53 (1992)

December 2. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 7d 7h

David M. Walker, Guion Bluford, James Voss, Michael R. Clifford, Robert Cabana  Details

STS-54 (1993)

January 13. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 5d 23h

Donald McMonagle, Gregory Harbaugh, John Casper, Mario Runco Jr., Susan Helms  Details

STS-55 (1993)

April 26. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 9d 23h

Bernard Harris, Charles Precourt, Hans Schlegel, Jerry Ross (astronaut), Steven Nagel, Terence Henricks, Ulrich Walter  Details

STS-56 (1993)

April 8. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 9d 6h

Ellen Ochoa, Kenneth Cockrell, Kenneth D. Cameron, Michael Foale, Stephen Oswald  Details

STS-57 (1993)

June 21. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 9d 23h

Brian Duffy, G. David Low, Janice E. Voss, Nancy J. Currie, Peter Wisoff, Ronald Grabe  Details

STS-58 (1993)

October 18. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 14d 0h

David Wolf, John Blaha, Martin J. Fettman, Rhea Seddon, Richard Searfoss, Shannon Lucid, William S. McArthur  Details

STS-59 (1994)

April 9. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 11d 5h

Jerome Apt, Kevin Chilton, Linda Godwin, Michael R. Clifford, Sidney Gutierrez, Thomas D. Jones  Details

STS-6 (1983)

April 4. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 5d 0h

Donald Peterson, Karol Bobko, Paul Weitz, Story Musgrave  Details

STS-60 (1994)

February 3. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 7d 6h

Charles Bolden, Franklin Chang Díaz, Jan Davis, Kenneth Reightler, Ronald Sega, Sergei Krikalev  Details

STS-61 (1993)

December 2. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 10d 19h

Claude Nicollier, Jeffrey Hoffman, Kathryn Thornton, Ken Bowersox, Richard Covey, Story Musgrave, Thomas Akers  Details

STS-61-A (1985)

October 30. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 7d 0h

Bonnie Dunbar, Ernst Messerschmid, Guion Bluford, Henry Hartsfield, James Buchli, Reinhard Furrer, Steven Nagel, Wubbo Ockels  Details

STS-61-B (1985)

November 26. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 6d 21h

Brewster Shaw, Bryan O'Connor, Charles D. Walker, Jerry Ross (astronaut), Mary L. Cleave, Rodolfo Neri Vela, Sherwood Spring  Details

STS-61-C (1986)

January 12. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 6d 2h

Bill Nelson, Charles Bolden, Franklin Chang Díaz, George Nelson, Robert Gibson, Robert J. Cenker, Steven Hawley  Details

STS-62 (1994)

March 4. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 13d 23h

Andrew M. Allen, Charles Gemar, John Casper, Marsha Ivins, Pierre Thuot  Details

STS-63 (1995)

February 3. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 8d 6h

Bernard Harris, Eileen Collins, Janice E. Voss, Jim Wetherbee, Michael Foale, Vladimir Titov  Details

STS-64 (1994)

September 9. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 10d 22h

Carl Meade, Jerry Linenger, Lloyd Hammond, Mark C. Lee, Richard N. Richards, Susan Helms  Details

STS-65 (1994)

July 8. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 14d 17h

Carl Walz, Chiaki Mukai, Donald Thomas, James Halsell, Leroy Chiao, Richard Hieb, Robert Cabana  Details

STS-66 (1994)

November 3. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 10d 22h

Curt Brown, Donald McMonagle, Ellen Ochoa, Jean-François Clervoy, Joseph Tanner, Scott Parazynski  Details

STS-67 (1995)

March 2. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 16d 15h

John Grunsfeld, Ron Parise, Samuel T. Durrance, Stephen Oswald, Tamara E. Jernigan, Wendy Lawrence, William Gregory  Details

STS-68 (1994)

September 30. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 11d 5h

Daniel Bursch, Michael Baker, Peter Wisoff, Steven Smith, Terrence Wilcutt, Thomas D. Jones  Details

STS-69 (1995)

September 7. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 10d 20h

David M. Walker, James H. Newman, James Voss, Kenneth Cockrell, Michael Gernhardt  Details

STS-7 (1983)

June 18. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 6d 2h

Bob Crippen, Frederick Hauck, John Fabian, Norman Thagard, Sally Ride  Details

STS-70 (1995)

July 13. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 8d 22h

Donald Thomas, Kevin Kregel, Mary Weber, Nancy J. Currie, Terence Henricks  Details

STS-71 (1995)

June 27. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 9d 19h

Bonnie Dunbar, Charles Precourt, Ellen S. Baker, Gregory Harbaugh, Norman Thagard, Robert Gibson  Details

STS-72 (1996)

January 11. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 8d 22h

Brent W. Jett Jr., Brian Duffy, Dan Barry, Koichi Wakata, Leroy Chiao, Winston Scott  Details

STS-73 (1995)

October 20. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 15d 21h

Albert Sacco, Catherine Coleman, Frederick W. Leslie, Kathryn Thornton, Ken Bowersox, Kent Rominger, Michael Lopez-Alegria  Details

STS-74 (1995)

November 12. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 8d 4h

Chris Hadfield, James Halsell, Jerry Ross (astronaut), Kenneth D. Cameron, William S. McArthur  Details

STS-75 (1996)

February 22. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 15d 17h

Andrew M. Allen, Claude Nicollier, Franklin Chang Díaz, Jeffrey Hoffman, Maurizio Cheli, Scott Horowitz, Umberto Guidoni  Details

STS-76 (1996)

March 22. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 9d 5h

Kevin Chilton, Linda Godwin, Michael R. Clifford, Richard Searfoss, Ronald Sega  Details

STS-77 (1996)

May 19. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 10d 0h

Andrew Thomas, Curt Brown, Daniel Bursch, John Casper, Marc Garneau, Mario Runco Jr.  Details

STS-78 (1996)

June 20. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 16d 21h

Charles E. Brady Jr., Jean-Jacques Favier, Kevin Kregel, Richard Linnehan, Robert Thirsk, Susan Helms, Terence Henricks  Details

STS-79 (1996)

September 16. Duration: Atlantis. Duration: 10d 3h

Carl Walz, Jerome Apt, John Blaha, Terrence Wilcutt, Thomas Akers, William Readdy  Details

STS-8 (1983)

August 30. Shuttle Challenger. Duration: 6d 1h

Dale Gardner, Daniel Brandenstein, Guion Bluford, Richard Truly, William E. Thornton  Details

STS-80 (1996)

November 19. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 17d 15h

Kenneth Cockrell, Kent Rominger, Story Musgrave, Tamara E. Jernigan, Thomas D. Jones  Details

STS-81 (1997)

January 12. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 10d 4h

Brent W. Jett Jr., John Blaha, John Grunsfeld, Marsha Ivins, Michael Baker, Peter Wisoff  Details

STS-82 (1997)

February 11. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 9d 23h

Gregory Harbaugh, Joseph Tanner, Ken Bowersox, Mark C. Lee, Scott Horowitz, Steven Hawley, Steven Smith  Details

STS-83 (1997)

April 4. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 3d 23h

Donald Thomas, Gregory Linteris, James Halsell, Janice E. Voss, Michael Gernhardt, Roger K. Crouch, Susan Kilrain  Details

STS-84 (1997)

May 15. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 9d 5h

Carlos I. Noriega, Charles Precourt, Ed Lu, Eileen Collins, Jean-François Clervoy  Details


Michael Foale  Details

STS-85 (1997)

August 7. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 11d 20h

Bjarni Tryggvason, Curt Brown, Jan Davis, Kent Rominger, Robert Curbeam, Stephen Robinson  Details

STS-86 (1997)

September 25. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 10d 19h

Jean-Loup Chrétien, Jim Wetherbee, Michael J. Bloomfield, Scott Parazynski, Vladimir Titov, Wendy Lawrence  Details


David Wolf  Details

STS-87 (1997)

November 19. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 15d 16h

Kalpana Chawla, Kevin Kregel, Leonid Kadeniuk, Steven Lindsey, Takao Doi, Winston Scott  Details

STS-88 (1998)

December 4. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 11d 19h

Frederick Sturckow, James H. Newman, Jerry Ross (astronaut), Nancy J. Currie, Robert Cabana, Sergei Krikalev  Details

STS-89 (1998)

January 22. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 8d 19h

Bonnie Dunbar, James F. Reilly, Joe Edwards, Michael P. Anderson, Salizhan Sharipov, Terrence Wilcutt  Details

STS-89/91 (1998)

Launch on STS-89, return on STS-91

Andrew Thomas  Details

STS-9 (1983)

November 28. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 10d 7h

Brewster Shaw, Byron Lichtenberg, John Young, Robert A. Parker, Ulf Merbold  Details

STS-90 (1998)

April 17. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 15d 21h

Dafydd Williams, James Pawelczyk, Jay C. Buckey, Kathryn Hire, Richard Linnehan, Richard Searfoss, Scott Altman  Details

STS-91 (1998)

June 2. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 9d 19h

Charles Precourt, Dominic Gorie, Franklin Chang Díaz, Janet L. Kavandi, Valery Ryumin, Wendy Lawrence  Details

STS-92 (2000)

October 11. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 12d 21h

Brian Duffy, Koichi Wakata, Leroy Chiao, Michael Lopez-Alegria, Pamela Melroy, Peter Wisoff, William S. McArthur  Details

STS-93 (1999)

July 23. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 4d 22h

Catherine Coleman, Eileen Collins, Jeffrey Ashby, Michel Tognini, Steven Hawley  Details

STS-94 (1997)

July 1. Shuttle Columbia. Duration: 15d 16h

Donald Thomas, Gregory Linteris, James Halsell, Janice E. Voss, Michael Gernhardt, Roger K. Crouch, Susan Kilrain  Details

STS-95 (1998)

October 29. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 8d 21h

Chiaki Mukai, Curt Brown, John Glenn, Pedro Duque, Scott Parazynski, Stephen Robinson, Steven Lindsey  Details

STS-96 (1999)

May 27. Shuttle Discovery. Duration: 9d 19h

Dan Barry, Ellen Ochoa, Julie Payette, Kent Rominger, Rick Husband, Tamara E. Jernigan, Valery Tokarev  Details

STS-97 (2000)

November 30. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 10d 19h

Brent W. Jett Jr., Carlos I. Noriega, Joseph Tanner, Marc Garneau, Michael J. Bloomfield  Details

STS-98 (2001)

February 7. Shuttle Atlantis. Duration: 12d 21h

Kenneth Cockrell, Mark Polansky, Marsha Ivins, Robert Curbeam, Thomas D. Jones  Details

STS-99 (2000)

February 11. Shuttle Endeavour. Duration: 11d 5h

Dominic Gorie, Gerhard Thiele, Janet L. Kavandi, Janice E. Voss, Kevin Kregel, Mamoru Mohri  Details

Voskhod 1 (1964)

October 12-13. First multi-person spacecraft.

Boris Yegorov, Konstantin Feoktistov, Vladimir Komarov  Details

Voskhod 2 (1965)

March 18-19. First spacewalk.

Aleksei Leonov, Pavel Belyayev  Details

Vostok 1 (1961)

April 12. 1 hour 48 minutes. One orbit. First man in space. First manned orbit.

Yuri Gagarin  Details

Vostok 2 (1961)

August 6-7. 17 orbits. First full day in space.

Gherman Titov  Details

Vostok 3 (1962)

August 11-15. First simultaneous flight of two manned spacecraft.

Andriyan Nikolayev  Details

Vostok 4 (1962)

August 12-15. First simultaneous flight of two manned spacecraft.

Pavel Popovich  Details

Vostok 5 (1963)

June 14-19. Longest solo orbital flight.

Valery Bykovsky  Details

Vostok 6 (1963)

June 16-19. First woman in space.

Valentina Tereshkova  Details


Multiple flights by a rocket-powered aircraft. Some qualified by the US Air Force for an Astronaut Medal, exceeding 50 miles altitude.

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