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About This Site

This site has always been about the real names of celebrities. Over time, additional data were added. It does not claim to be complete, and cannot compete with larger sites for totality of information.

This information site was one of the earliest on the web on this subject. As the site grew, it became obvious that this information is best maintained as a database which can be searched. The site owner has retired from professional IT consulting and is creating this site to entertain you!

Since July 2003, this domain was created and the data has been maintained as a set of tables in a relational database.

This site is an upgraded version of a much simpler Real Names site created for a personal web page beginning in March 1999.

This data and the graphics and presentation is Copyright © 2003-2021 GuessWhoThisIs.com. All Rights Reserved in all countries.

To comment or inquire, contact by email:

webmaster [at sign] guesswhothisis.com.

Unique Features

GuessWhoThisIs has several unusual and unique (we hope) features. These features may interest you - give them a try.

Relationship Connections

If you select an option which says "Show all Connections" you will see all connections, through multiple levels. Try showing Nicolas Cage and selecting this option, then see how the connections lead to Michael Jackson and to Elvis Presley.

Birthplace Search

Select this on the main page, and you will be able to find famous people who were born in the same city. There is a selection by world area, and a world map, and a USA map. The latter allows display of birthplaces by state.

Space Missions

There is a display of human space missions.

Search Engine Capability

Some recent browsers support a Search Engine selector in the upper right corner.

GuessWhoThisIs supports this capability. After installing GuessWhoThisIs as a search engine, the input box can be used to search for a name with this site.

Installation - Firefox

While this site is in the browser window, if the search engine has not yet been installed, the small triangle to the right of the search engine box is highlighted. Click it, and a list of available search engines with be displayed. Select GuessWhoThisIs. icon is shown, it is available for use. Add "GuessWhoThisIs" which should be selected to install our capability.

Usage in Firefox

Once installed and selected as the current Search Engine, the Firefox browser has these search capabilities using GuessWhoThisIs:

  1. A name entered in the search input box, then clicked or the Enter key used, will be searched for using this site. This is equivalent to selecting our Search by Name feature.
  2. If the magnifier icon at the right of the search box is selected, when GuessWhoThisIs is the current search engine, our site is loaded at the search page. Search options can then be selected.
  3. If a name is highlighted using the mouse in text, and GuessWhoThisIs is the current search engine, if you right-click on the highlighted name, Firefox shows the option to search that name using our site.

Installation - MSIE

While this site is in the browser window, if the search engine has not yet been installed, the small triangle at the right end of the search engine icon is highlighted. Click this, and a list of available search engines with be displayed. If the yellow GuessWhoThisIs icon is shown, it is available for use. Follow instructions to install our capability.

NOTE: This installation, and the result are not as easy to use nor as capable as in Firefox.

Search Engine in MSIE

Once installed and selected as the current Search Engine, the MSIE browser has a search capability using GuessWhoThisIs:

A name entered in the search input box, then clicked or the Enter key used, will be searched for using this site. This is equivalent to selecting our Search by Name feature.

RSS Feed Usage

What Is RSS?

The letters RSS stand for Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. An RSS Feed is an XML data file formatted in a standard way that enables easy distribution and updating of headlines, news articles or data summaries to personal Web pages, news readers and authorized Web sites.

The RSS Feed from this site provides a list of the latest 10 days of new or updated entries from our database. It can allow you to keep track of our latest data changes.

How Do You Use RSS?

To use RSS for your personal use you must use an RSS reader or aggregator that will allow you to collect and display your RSS feeds. There are several RSS news readers and aggregators available. One that we prefer, but do not endorse, is my.yahoo.com. This is ideal for users who have a "My Yahoo!" account.

My Yahoo! users - to add the RSS feed: click this.

To add the RSS feed to your Google page click this.

My AOL users - click this to add our RSS feed: click this.

For any other use please contact us via the Feedback link above.

Steps To Use the GuessWhoThisIs.com RSS Feed

(1) Right click:  Right-click To Use RSS Feed.

(2) Select Copy Shortcut or Copy Link Location

(3) Go to the Aggregator and paste the URL [or enter: http://rss.guesswhothisis.com] wherever they want the URL.

Terms of Usage

This data is provided for entertainment and reference purposes only. It is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. But we try! :-)

You may not copy or republish this data. Please use Feedback above to comment or ask questions.

Techie Stuff

This site uses the RSS 2.0 Specification and the format used is RSS 2.0.

Privacy Statement

This site does not retain any personal information or financial information on its users or visitors. Full privacy is maintained.

Any information collected within the context of your email inquiry or comment is used only for the expressed purpose of responding to your inquiry or comment. We collect personally identifiable information only if specifically and knowingly provided by you.

For site management, information is collected for statistical purposes. The computer system for this site may use software programs to create summary statistics, which are used for purposes such as assessing what information is of most and least interest, determining technical design specifications, and identifying system performance or problem areas. This information is not expressed in any form that would reveal personally identifiable information.

All the posted "real name" data comes from publicly available (published) sources, and is believed to be information which the public has a right to know, and is newsworthy.

Policies - What We Show Here

There are a small number of exceptions to some of these policies, where it is an important part of a story.

This site is NOT interested in showing these things about people:

  1. Rumors
  2. Ongoing arguments, beefs, disses or disputes
  3. Who is in a dating relationship, or living together
  4. Who parented a child with someone (unless the child is famous)
  5. Sexual orientation (unless that is an issue in the fame)
  6. Material considered unsuitable for children
  7. Race or color or even appearance
  8. Religion
  9. Place of death
  10. Date of marriage or divorce
  11. Order of marriages
  12. Not all marriages have been listed. The only names shown are other people on the site
  13. In-law and most step-child relationships (because of lack of dates for marriage and divorce)
  14. Titles of songs, etc., which may contain controversial words


Some of the entries (especially early entries) show limited or no facts or biographical data.

This site uses the term "actor" for both men and women.

Some types of music are identified, for singers and musicians. General popular ("pop") and varieties of "rock" music are not specified as specific categories.

Names are not included unless there is some degree of fame or notoriety, or the person has been noted in news stories, or is related to someone.

Names with "Jr." or "Sr." are shown with no comma. The "Sr." notation is usually omitted or shown under Also Known As since it is never part of the real (birth) name.

Other Resources

These are the best places to find data about celebrities:

Wikipedia - a great encyclopedia.

Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) - covers movies and television.

Internet Broadway Data Base (IBDB) - covers Broadway plays and musicals.

GuessWhoThisIs.com has real names of famous people and brief data about them.
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