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Special effects animation and special effects imaging
Painter, artist, or illustrator; not necessarily a musician artist
A painter or sculptor - either category
Also cameraman and cinematographer
Birthday is Christmas - December 25
Born on July 4
Birthday is February 29
People with birthday today
Noble family; not royalty; also lifetime peer or peers
Changed name
Citizenship identified
Death date is Christmas - December 25
Died on his/her birthday
Died within the past 12 months
Awarded knighthood in UK; not honorary knighthood
Height is 4' 9" (1.45 m) or less
Uses a single name
The oldest 20 people in this database
Wife or husband or child of a famous person
King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duke or Duchess, Earl, Count, or Countess, Viscount, relative to king/queen, in line of succession
Separated or divorcing
A name with humor or which is funny
Teacher or professor
US Marshal or sheriff; police; FBI
Attorney or legal expert or prosecutor or barrister
Studied plants and animals; a zoologist
A test pilot
Founder or owner of a winery
A female
A male
Changed gender or lived as non-birth gender
Accused of a crime; or suspected; or arrested
Convicted of misdemeanor or felony; or believed to be a criminal
Infamous leader of a country - often a dictator
Executed for criminal actions
Old West gunfighter
A sea pirate or privateer
Widely considered a terrorist - now or formerly
Also spy (for another country) or turncoat
Print cartoonist or animator for animated movies
A newspaper/magazine columnist
A radio or TV commentator
Film or music or art or food/restaurant critic
News anchor or reporter; journalist
Published or wrote poetry
Print media publisher
Awarded Pulitzer Prize or nominated or citation
A famed radio personality
Spokesperson or spokesmodel; in commercials
Radio/TV sports commentator or game announcer or color commentator/analyst; print media sports commentator; sportscaster
Television personality; program host; not acting in a role
Author or screenwriter or playwright
A foot doctor
Pilot of airplanes
Blacklisted or caused blacklisting
Important in a business; owns a business
Known for explorations (other than space/moon)
Miscellaneous famous person; unclassified
Also heroine
Famous in history
Any advocate of religion
Spy or counterspy
Subject of a movie or program or book
Also see conductor
Bass guitar player
Bluegrass style of country music (also Appalachian music)
Composer or songwriter or music arranger
Country or Country/Western or Cowboy or Hillbilly or Rockabilly music
Disk Jockey (radio) or Rap/Hip-Hop DJ or turntablist
A drummer
Traditional folk music; protest-folk music
Religious music popular in churches; church gospel; sub-genre of Christian Music; not the same as soul or R&B; multiple types
Member of the Grand Ole Opry
Jazz musician or singer
Plays a keyboard instrument; pianist
Writer of words for songs
Heavy metal and variants, glam metal, thrash metal, etc.
Either musician or singer
Plays a musical instrument
Opera singer or composer
Punk rock musician
Rhythm and Blues; may include soul or neo-soul music
Rap or Hip-Hop: MC, DJ, singer, performer, vocalist, musician, composer, promoter or producer
Genre found in Caribbean - especially Jamaica
Genre found in Puerto Rico - related to hip-hop - with reggae DemBow beat
Singer or vocalist
Actor or actress - movies/TV/stage/voice/radio
A female actor
A ballet dancer
Involved with Broadway theatre
A stripper or burlesque dancer; not necessarily in a burlesque revue or show
Circus or sideshow performer
Comedian or role in a comedy show
In TV or radio or print commercials
Costume designer
Director of movie/tv show/play
Dubbed a voice or voice was dubbed
Male entertainer dressed as a woman; transvestite; drag queen
Host or model or frequent guest on game show programs
Performed in a role
Created programming or entertainment for children
A performer of magic tricks; an illusionist
Makeup artist or design for movies or theater or TV
A martial arts actor or expert
Also spokesmodel/product representative; also a beauty contestant
Oscar (Academy Award) winner or nomination
Playmate model in Playboy magazine
Also executive producer and associate producer and music/record producer
Design of the sets and locations of a movie; theatre set design
Puppet shows; often a ventriloquist as well
Rodeo performer
Soap opera - long term daytime serial TV or radio shows; acted or involved
Stunt performer
Nominated for or won a Tony Award
In a voice role
Western (Cowboy/Indians) movies or TV
Wild West shows
Advocate for a cause; or an agitator
Or other similar title - Consul, Minister, Charge d'Affaires, etc.
Secretary of a cabinet department
Ran for public office
Involved with the Democratic Party
Wife of a US President
Governor of a US state
Leader of a group invading other countries
Judge of legal matters; not a contest judge
Any military role; served or was an officer
A political role not in another category; a candidate for office
US President
Involved with the Republican Party
US Senator
US House of Representatives
US Vice President
A beautiful female in a James Bond movie
Involved in the books or the movies about Harry Potter
One of the Keystone Kops; in a Keystone Kop movie
In either Mickey Mouse Club or All New Mickey Mouse Club shows
Role of a resident of Munchkinland in the movie The Wizard of Oz (1939)
A supporting role; usually in Western movies
In a Superman movie or TV show
In a Tarzan movie
Actresses designated as one of the WAMPAS Baby Stars in the 1920s and 1930s, for upcoming actresses
Noted cook - or TV/radio/print cook
Writer about etiquette and politeness
Famed as a host or hostess
Known for partying or attending social events
Design clothing; fashion designer; costume designer; any style role
Three astronauts died in an Apollo capsule fire during a test
Died in the Challenger shuttle STS-51-L explosion
Died in the Columbia shuttle STS-107 disaster
Orbited the moon without landing or flew around the moon with no complete orbit
Walked on the moon
Parachute failed, cosmonaut killed
Three cosmonauts died when their cabin lost air pressure at the end of their mission
Astronaut/Cosmonaut - a person who flew higher than 100 km (62.137 mi) - the Kármán line
Died when spacecraft malfunctioned, or other space-related accident
A Chinese astronaut
Flew the X-15 rocket plane
Involved in a sport
Stock car and race car and drag racing
Player or manager or writer or commentator; also softball
Pocket billiards or pool or snooker or other similar games
Yachting, powerboating, boat racing
Traditional boxing plus extreme fighting and kick-boxing
Commissioner of Major League Baseball or the NFL
Winner of the baseball Cy Young Award
Competitive diving
Formal horse riding; dressage
Advocate of fitness - also bodybuilder
American or Canadian gridiron football
Won Olympic gold medal
Won the Heisman Trophy
Figure skating and ice dancing and speed skating
Football linebacker
Baseball manager
Motorcycle racing or trick riding
Involved in NASCAR stock car racing
A baseball or softball pitcher
Played quarterback
A football running back
Snow skiing and snowboarding
Called football outside North America
Japanese-style wrestling
A swimmer; either competitive sports or known for expertise
Track and field events
Died in a car wreck or plane crash or other accident
Died of AIDS or related conditions
Died in a plane or helicopter crash - not a spacecraft crash
Died of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)
Likely died by drowning
Died in or as a result of a house fire
Kidnapped by someone
Killed by another (even if no conviction or ruled not guilty); includes manslaughter
Drug overdose by accident or suicide
Suicide - probable or suspected or proven
Died in an automobile or motorcycle or bus accident
Aquarius: the Water-Carrier - people born January 21 through February 19
Aries: the Ram - people born March 21 through April 20
Cancer: the Crab - people born June 22 through July 22
Capricorn: the Sea-Goat - people born December 23 through January 20
Gemini: the Twins - people born May 22 through June 21
Leo: the Lion - people born July 23 through August 21
Libra: the Scales - people born September 24 through October 23
Pisces: the Fish - people born February 20 through March 20
Sagittarius: the Archer or Centaur - people born November 23 through December 22
Scorpio: the Scorpion - people born October 24 through November 22
Taurus: the Bull - people born April 21 through May 21
Virgo: the Virgin - people born August 22 through September 23
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