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Hints on Searching

The search can be any part of the name or title. A search for %nam% where nam is your request, causes the '%' part to match any text before or after your entered value. Names will compare equal regardless of case (upper or lower case), and letters with accents or other marks compare with unmarked letters. Digits and some punctuation marks are not accepted. For example, entering cher may find Cheryl as well as Hatcher.

If you place a percent character (%) in the middle, it will match any set of characters. Try 'j%mac' for example. A blank is treated as a '%' character.

The underscore character '_' matches any single character. This means you can search for J_n in a name and find names Jan, Jen, Jon, Jane, June, Jennifer, Jonathan, etc. Note, however, that an apostrophe or quote mark is stored as more than one character. has real names of famous people and brief data about them.
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