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Synonyms for ‘Real Name’

When you are searching for a real name, it may be expressed in many different ways. Here are some of the synonyms for what are may be called 'Real Names' on GuessWhoThisIs:

Words Used
Our Definition
act name
The name used in an act; the stage name
Also Known As; an additional name used
A pen name; or a hidden name; or a criminal's alternate name
assumed name
An alias; a fictitious name
birth name
The name given at birth
born as
The name given at birth
business name
A name used for conducting business
A name identifying the writer of a newspaper article
A nickname
cast name
The name used by an actor as credit in a production
Christian name
A given name
clan name
A name indicating the clan origin
clown name
A name used by a clown
confirmation name
A name chosen at confirmation in the Catholic Church, usually a saint
The birth name or former name of a person who has changed gender
A geographic name, showing origin; examples: Chinese, Latvian, New Yorker
family name
An inherited name
fictitious name
A pseudonym - possibly officially registered
first name
A given name
A given name
given name
The individual's name; not the family name
government name
An original name - where a more ethnic name is desired instead
A short name used in communication
a royal family name
A diminutive form of a name, such as Will for Wlliam, Tom for Thomas
A name formed from initials, for example BHO for Barack Hussein Obama
last name
A family name; the surname
maiden name
The name of a woman before she is married
A personal name based on the given name of one's mother, grandmother, or other female ancestor; the last name in some Hispanic societies, based on the mother's maiden name
middle name
A name between the first and last names
A name
Or ne - "born" (from French) pronounced "nay" (almost) - a male
Or nee - "born" (from French) pronounced "nay" (almost) - a female
(1)- A traditional short form of a name - Bob for Robert; (2)- A name applied by associates - sometimes a joke - sometimes a compliment
nom de film
An actor's pseudonym - French
nom de guerre
A soldier's or warrior's pseudonym - "name of war" in French
nom de plume
A writer's pseudonym - "name of the pen" in French
original name
The name before it was changed
A name indicating the father's given name (often used in Russia as a middle name)
pen name
A writer's pseudonym
pet name
A friendly name showing affection
A name used to hide identity
rap name
The name used by a rapper; the act name
ring name
A name used by a professional wrestler or fighter
Secret Service code name
A name used to refer to a person protected by the US Secret Service; example: Eagle for Bill Clinton
A familiar form of a name; a shortened form
stage name
The name used by an actor on stage in a theater
The family name - last name in Western civilization
tribal name
A name indicating the tribal origin - or a name known within a tribe has real names of 13,976 famous people, 1,741 rappers. #GuessWhoThisIs
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