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Title(s) Like M Selected:

a frumpy lady (role)

a mad scientist (role)

a military man (role)

a policeman (role)

Abraham Lincoln (role)

Agent Smith (role)

Amos Jones (role)

an old woman (role)

Andy's mom (role)

Anya Amasova (role)

Auntie Em (role)

Baby Mumble (role)

Bambi (role)

Baron Munchausen (role)

Batman (role)

Batman's butler (role)

Bomba (movie, role)

Boromir (role)

Camille Javal (role)

Camille Montes (role)

Capt. James T. Kirk (role)

Captain Nemo (role)

Catwoman (role)

Champagne Lady (role)

Commissioner James Gordon (role)

Cosmo Kramer (role)

Dagwood Bumstead (role)

Darth Maul (role)

District Attorney Hamilto Burger (role)

Domino Derval (role)

Donald Trump (role)

Dr. Christmas Jones (role)

Dr. Eleanor Bramwell (role)

Dr. Molly Warmflash (role)

Dr. Zachary Smith (role)

Draco Malfoy (role)

Eddie Munster (role)

Edward "Pee Wee" Morris (role)

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (role)

Eve Moneypenny (role)

Fox Mulder (role)

Francis the Talking Mule (role)

Frankenstein monster (role)

Freddie Mercury (role)

Gollum/Smeagol (role)

Gomer Pyle (role)

Grandmama Addams (role)

HAL 9000 computer (role)

Harry Lime (role)

Hermione Granger (role)

Homer Simpson (role)

Humbert Humbert (role)

James Bond (role)

Jill Masterson (role)

Jill Munro (role)

Kara Milovy (role)

Kim Kelly (role)

Kimberley Jones (role)

Kimberly Fallon (role)

Lieutenant Commander Data (role)

Lila Quartermaine (role)

Lily Munster (role)

Lisa Simpson (role)

Lonesome Luke (role)

Lord Peter Wimsey (role)

Lord Voldemort (role)

Lucius Malfoy (role)

Lupe Lamora (role)

M (role)

Mace Windu (role)

Madeleine Swann (role)

Madge the Manicurist (role)

Magda (role)

Maj. Frank Burns (role)

Major Kira Nerys (role)

Major Margaret J. "Hot Lips" Houlihan (role)

Mammy (role)

Manuela (role)

March Hare (role)

Maria (role)

Marilyn Monroe (role)

Mary Goodnight (role)

Mary Magdalene (role)

Max (role)

May Day (role)

Mayhem (role)

Maynard Krebs (role)

Mayor McCheese (role)

Maytag Man (role)

Maytag Repair Man (role, TV show or series)

McCloud (role)

Melina Havelock (role)

Mephistopheles (role)

MI6 Agent Fields (role)

Michael Banks (role)

Michael Darling (role)

Mickey Mouse (role)

Mike Brady (role)

Mingo (role)

Mini-Me (role)

Minnie Mouse (role)

Miranda Frost (role)

Miss Caruso (role)

Miss Cleo (role)

Miss Kitty (role)

Miss Moneypenny (role)

Miss Taro (role)

Moaning Myrtle (role)

Moesha (role)

Moneypenny (role)

Moses (role)

mother of Norman Bates (role)

Mr. Clean (role)

Mr. Green Jeans (role)

Mr. Grump (role)

Mr. Magoo (role)

Mr. Whipple (role)

Mrs. Butterworth (role)

Mrs. Robinson (role)

Mrs. Roper (role)

Munchkin Coroner (role)

Mysterious Red-Head (role)

Mystique (role)

Naomi (role)

Natalya Simonova (role)

Neil Armstrong (role)

Neville Longbottom (role)

No Man (role)

Norma Arnold (role)

Norman Pitkin (role)

Pam Bouvier (role)

Penelope Smallbone (role)

Prince Charming (role)

Professor Inga Bergstrom (role)

Quick-Draw McGraw (role)

Remus Lupin (role)

Rhoda Morgenstern (role)

Rhoda Penmark (role)

Ronald McDonald (role)

Rosika Miklos (role)

Rumpole (role)

Samwise Gamgee (role)

Scrooge McDuck (role)

Sergeant-at-Arms (role)

Sherlock Holmes (role)

Simba (role)

Simka (role)

Simon Templar (role)

Superman (role)

Tatiana Romanova (role)

the lemonade vendor (role)

The Marlboro Man (role)

the mermaid (role)

the mistress of Kerim Bey (role)

the mother (role)

The Munchkin Mayor (role)

the room service waiter (role)

The Sugarplum Fairy (role)

the talking mule Francis (role)

The Wolf Man (movie, role)

Thumper (role)

Tilly Masterson (role)

Tinman (role)

Tom Marvolo Riddle (role)

Tom Robinson (role)

Tommy Pickles (role)

Tucson Smith (role)

Tuptim (role)

Vampira (role)

Voice of the Mothership (role)

Wonder Woman (role)

yellow M&M (role)

Zammis (role) has real names of 14,220 famous people, 1,747 rappers. #GuessWhoThisIs
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