Title(s) Like “Birth” of any Type:

Birth (movie)

Cameron Bright, Danny Huston  Details

Birth of a Nation (movie)

D.W. Griffith  Details

Birthday Letters (book)

Ted Hughes  Details

Birthday Party Polka (song)

Sheriff John  Details

Birthday Sex (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Jeremih  Details

Birthday Suit (song)

Johnny Kemp  Details

Happy Birthday (play)

Helen Hayes  Details

Happy Birthday, Wanda June (movie)

Susannah York  Details

Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Butterfly, Doodlebug, Ladybug Mecca  Details

Switched at Birth (movie)

Ariana Richards, Roslyn Kind  Details

The Big Birthday Suit (play)

Hugh Leonard  Details

The Birth of Venus (painting)

Sandro Botticelli  Details

The Birthday Boys (TV show or series)

Bob Odenkirk  Details

The Birthday Party (group)

Nick Cave  Details

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