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Title(s) Like Me Selected:

(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (song)

(Hit me) Baby One More Time (song)

(Old Dogs, Children and) Watermelon Wine (song)

(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (song)

(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (song) (jazz) (R&B)

(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher (song) (R&B)

10,000 Black Men Named George (movie, TV show or series)

12 Angry Men (movie)

3 Men ad a Baby (movie)

3 Men and a Baby (movie)

3 Men and a Little Lady (movie)

30 Minute Meals (TV show or series)

4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up (album) (rap / hip-hop)

A Bedtime Story (movie)

A Boy Named Sue (song)

A Brief History of Time (book)

A Cowboy Like Me (song)

A Crime of Passion (movie)

A Few Good Men (movie)

A Few Good Men (movie, play)

A Few Good Men (play)

A Game of Thrones (book)

A Grand Don't Come for Free (album) (rap / hip-hop)

A Home for Alice (movie)

A Home for Annie (movie)

A Horse with No Name (song)

A Little More Summertime (song) (country)

A Moment Like This (song) (rap / hip-hop)

A Moment of Grace (movie)

A Night to Remember (movie)

A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide (book)

A Ship Comes In (movie)

A Song to Remember (movie)

A Spaceman Came Calling (song)

A Streetcar Named Desire (movie)

A Streetcar Named Desire (play)

A Summer Place (movie)

A Time to Heal (movie)

A Time to Kill (book, movie)

A Time to Kill (movie)

A Very Long Engagement (movie)

A Wrinkle in Time (book)

Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (movie)

About Time (movie)

Active Member (group) (rap / hip-hop)

Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer (book)

Against Me! (group) (punk)

Ain't That a Shame (song) (R&B)

Air America (movie)

Alexander's Ragtime Band (movie, musical)

Alexander's Ragtime Band (song)

All Eyes on Me (album) (rap / hip-hop)

All Eyes on Me (song)

All of Me (song)

All the King's Men (movie)

All the President's Men (book, movie)

All the President's Men (movie)

All This Time (album)

All-American Girl (TV show or series)

Alligator in the Basement (book)

Along Came a Spider (book, movie)

Along Came a Spider (movie)

Along Came Jones (movie)

Along Came Jones (song)

Along Came Polly (movie)

Along Comes Mary (song)

Amar Sin Mentiras (album)

Amazon Women on the Moon (movie)

Amelia Earhart (TV show or series)

Amen (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Amen (song)

Amen (TV show or series)

AMERICA (group)

America (The Book) (book)

America 2-Night (TV show or series)

America's Funniest Home Videos (TV show or series)

America's Got Talent (TV show or series)

America's Most Wanted (TV show or series)

America's Next Top Model (TV show or series)

America's Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story (movie)

American Bandstand (TV show or series)

American Beauty (movie)

American Blues (group) (blues)

American Boy (song) (rap / hip-hop)

American Cream Team (group) (rap / hip-hop)

American Dad! (TV show or series)

American Dreams (TV show or series)

American Flyers (movie)

American Freak Show (book)

American Gangster (album) (rap / hip-hop)

American Gangster (movie)

American Gigolo (movie)

American Gothic (painting)

American Gothic (TV show or series)

American Graffiti (movie)

American History X (movie)

American Horror Story (TV show or series)

American Horror Story: Coven (TV show or series)

American Hustle (movie)

American Idol (TV show or series)

American Idol 3 (TV show or series)

American Idol: The Search for a Superstar (TV show or series)

American Indian Movement (group)

American Ninja Warrior (TV show or series)

American Pastoral (book)

American Patriots: The Story of Blacks in the Military from the Revolution to Desert Storm (book)

American Pie (movie)

American Pie (song)

American Pie 2 (movie)

American Psycho (movie)

American Sniper (movie)

American Splendor (movie)

American Top 40 (radio program)

American Woman (album)

American Woman (TV show or series)

AmeriKKKan Korruption (album) (rap / hip-hop)

AmeriQua (movie)

An American in Paris (movie)

An American in Paris (movie, musical)

An American in Paris (play)

An American Werewolf in London (movie)

An American Werewolf in Paris (movie)

Andromeda (TV show or series)

Angels & Vampires - Volume I (album, play)

Angels in America (TV show or series)

Angels in America: Perestroika (play)

Anger Management (movie)

Anger Management (TV show or series)

Any Time (song)

Anytime (song)

Appuntamento in nero (movie)

Archbishop Supreme Tartuffe (play)

Are You on the Road to Lovin' Me Again (song)

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. (book)

Arizona Summer (movie)

Armed and Dangerous (movie)

Arrangement in Grey and Black: Portrait of the Artist's Mother (painting)

Arrested Development (group) (rap / hip-hop)

Arrested Development (TV show or series)

As Time Goes By (song)

Ask Me Anything (movie)

Assignment to Kill (movie)

Astronaut Farmer (movie)

Atonement (movie)

Auntie Mame (book)

Auntie Mame (movie)

Auntie Mame (musical, play)

Auntie Mame (play)

Austin Powers: Goldmember (movie)

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (movie)

Avengers: Endgame (movie)

B.O.S.S. (Beginning of Something Serious) (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Baby, Come to Me (song) (R&B)

Back for the First Time (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Back Home Again in Indiana (song)

Bad to Me (song)

Baseball Is a Funny Game (book)

Be Somebody... or Be Somebody's Fool! (movie)

Bear with Me (movie)

Because You Love Me (song)

Bedtime for Bonzo (movie)

Bedtime Hugs for Little Ones (book)

Bedtime Stories (movie)

Believe in Me (song)

Believe in Me (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Bert Sugar's Fight Game (newspaper/magazine)

Between Two Women (movie)

Big Bells and Bongo Drummers (song)

Big Russ and Me (book)

Big Time (1929) (movie)

Big Tyme (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Bio-Dome (movie)

Birds of America (movie)

Black in America (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Black Like Me (movie)

Blame It on the Bossa Nova (song)

Blondie Meets the Boss (movie)

Blossom Time (play)

Blowing Me Kisses (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Blue Flames (group) (jazz)

Blue Is the Warmest Color (movie)

Blue Ridge Mountain Home (song)

Bluestime (group)

Boardmeeting (song) (R&B)

Boardmeeting (song) (jazz) (R&B)

Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill (book)

Boomerang (movie)

Boston Americans/Red Sox (team) (baseball)

Bounce with Me (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Boy Meets Girl (play)

Boy Meets World (TV show or series)

Boyz II Men (group) (R&B)

Brand Names (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Breast Men (movie)

Brighton Beach Memoirs (movie)

Brighton Beach Memoirs (play)

Broadway Melody of 1936 (movie)

Broadway Melody of 1936 (movie, musical)

Broadway Melody of 1938 (movie)

Broadway Melody of 1940 (movie)

Broken Hearted Melody (song) (jazz)

Brooklyn Horsemen (team) (football)

Brother Can You Spare a Dime (song)

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (movie)

Bullets Ain't Got No Name (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Burn Me Slo (song) (rap / hip-hop)

But Not for Me (song)

By the Time I Get to Phoenix (song)

Cab Ride Home (group) (metal)

Calgary Flames (team) (hockey)

Call Me Bwana (movie)

Call Me Crazy (book)

Call Me D-Nice (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Call me Irresponsible (album)

Call Me Irresponsible (song)

Call Me Madam (movie, musical)

Call Me Maybe (song)

Call My Name, I'll Be There (song) (R&B)

Call on Me (song)

Callin' Me (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Camelot (movie)

Camelot (movie, musical)

Camelot (musical)

Camelot (musical, play)

Can't Buy Me Love (movie)

Can't Find My Way Home (song)

Candid Camera (TV show or series)

Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (movie)

Capital Dames: The Civil War and the Women of Washington, 1848-1868 (book)

Capital Punishment (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Capt. James T. Kirk (role)

Captain America (movie)

Captain America: The First Avenger (movie)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (movie)

Carmen (movie)

Carmen (opera)

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (song)

Carry Me Home (movie)

Casey, Crime Photographer (radio program)

Cat Women of the Moon (movie)

Catch Me If You Can (movie)

Caustic Dames (group) (rap / hip-hop)

Cemetery Junction (movie)

Chang Thailand Slammers (team) (basketball)

Charmed (TV show or series)

Chicago American Giants (team) (baseball)

Chicago Med (TV show or series)

Chicago Sun-Times (newspaper/magazine)

Children of Men (movie)

China Syndrome (movie)

Chris Style: No One Can Like This Mexican (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Chupie: The Binky that Returned Home (book)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (movie)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (movie)

Code Name: The Cleaner (movie)

Coke Time with Eddie Fisher (TV show or series)

Cold Summer Nights (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Come a Little Bit Closer (song)

Come Around (song)

Come Away with Me (album)

Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (movie, play)

Come Back, Little Sheba (movie)

Come Back, Little Sheba (musical)

Come Early Morning (movie)

Come Fly with Me (song)

Come Get It! (song)

Come Home with Me (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Come Monday (song)

Come on Down (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Come on Over (album)

Come on-a My House (song)

Come On-A My House (song) (jazz)

Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 1 (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Come September (movie)

Come Spy with Me (movie)

Come to Me (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Come What May (album)

Comin' Back to Me (song)

Coming Home (movie)

Coming to America (movie)

Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen (group)

Commissioner James Gordon (role)

Confessions of an American Bride (movie)

Cosmo Kramer (role)

Count on Me (song) (R&B)

Crime Busters (movie)

Crime Mob (group) (rap / hip-hop)

Crime Spree (movie)

Crimes of the Heart (movie)

Criminal Mentality (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Crosstime (book)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV show or series)

Daddy's Home (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Dahmer (movie)

Damien: Omen II (movie)

Dance with Me (movie)

Dance with Me, Henry (song)

Dancing Romeo (movie)

Dang Me (song)

Dark Games (movie)

Dark Rising: Summer Strikes Back (movie)

Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup (song)

Dead Like Me (movie, song, TV show or series)

Dead to Me (TV show or series)

Dear Black America (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Death Becomes Her (movie)

Death Comes to Pemberley (book)

Debbi Fields Great American Desserts (book)

Delta Force 3: The Killing Game (movie)

Demetrius and the Gladiators (movie)

Dennis the Menace (cartoon)

Dennis the Menace (movie)

Der Goldene Schmetterling (movie)

Designing Women (TV show or series)

Desperate Measures (movie)

Despicable Me (cartoon, movie)

Despicable Me 2 (cartoon, movie)

Dick Tracy's G-Men (movie)

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (movie)

Die Meistersinger. (opera)

Divine Comedy (poem)

Divorce American Style (movie)

Dixie Gentlemen (group) (bluegrass)

Do That to Me One More Time (song)

Do You Remember Love (movie)

Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? (song)

Documentary (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (movie)

Don't Blow Me Up (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Don't Call Me Mama Anymore (TV show or series)

Don't Cheat in Our Hometown (album)

Don't Cry for Me Argentina (song)

Don't Expect Me to Be Your Friend (song)

Don't Give Me No Bammer (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Don't Just Lie There, Say Something (play)

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (song) (jazz)

Don't Let Me Cross Over (song)

Don't Let Me Down (song)

Don't Mess with My Man (song)

Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining (book)

Don't Stop Me Now (song)

Don't Take Advantage of Me (song) (country)

Don't the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time (song)

Don't Touch Me (song)

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 (TV show or series)

Double Nickels on the Dime (album)

Doubt Me Now (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Down Came the Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression (book, newspaper/magazine)

Downtime (song)

Dr. Demento (radio program)

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (TV show or series)

Dream a Little Dream of Me (song)

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (movie)

Drive Me Crazy (movie)

Driving Me Crazy (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Duets: An American Classic (album)

Easy Come, Easy Go (album)

Eat Me, Drink Me (album)

Eight Men Out (movie)

Elementary (TV show or series)

Elements of Life (album)

Elmer Gantry (book)

Elmer Gantry (movie)

Eloise at Christmastime (movie)

Emerald Point N.A.S. (TV show or series)

Emergency! (TV show or series)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer (group)

Emmerdale (TV show or series)

Empires (Bring Me Men) (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Ender's Game (movie)

Enemies of Women (movie)

Entertainment Las Vegas Style (TV show or series)

Entertainment Tonight (TV show or series)

Error in Judgement (movie)

Ethan Frome (movie)

Everybody's Got to Be Somebody (song)

Everytime I Think About Her (song)

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (TV show or series)

Extreme Prejudice (movie)

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (movie)

Fair Game (movie)

Fame (movie)

Fame (musical, play)

Fame (song)

Fame (TV show or series)

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (movie)

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (movie)

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (movie, song)

Fearsome Foursome (group)

Feeling Orange but Sometimes Blue (album)

Feels Like Home (album)

Femme Fatale (movie)

Fetch Me Down My Trusty .45 (song)

Find Me Guilty (movie)

Fine by Me (song)

First Men in the Moon (movie)

Flame of Barbary Coast (movie, song)

Flora the Red Menace (play)

Flora the Red Menace. (play)

Fly Me to the Moon (song)

Flying Home (song)

Foolish Games (song)

Football Night in America (TV show or series)

For Love of the Game (movie)

For the Good Times (song) (country)

FORE! PLAY: The Last American Male Takes Up Golf (book)

Forever and Ever, Amen (song)

Fortysomething (TV show or series)

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (movie)

Four Women (song) (jazz)

Framed for Murder: A Fixer Upper Mystery (movie)

Frampton Come Alive (album)

Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (movie)

Frankenstein: or, the Modern Prometheus (book)

Freaks Come Out at Night (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Freddie Mercury (role)

Freeze-Frame (album)

Freeze-Frame (album) (jazz) (blues)

Frehley's Comet (album)

From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game (album) (rap / hip-hop)

From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir (book)

From This Moment On (song)

Full Grown Men (movie)

Full Metal Jacket (movie)

Full-Time (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Funky Cold Medina (song) (rap / hip-hop)

G-Men from Hell (movie)

Gainesville Times (newspaper/magazine)

Game Change (movie)

Game of the Week (TV show or series)

Game of Thrones (TV show or series)

Game Over (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Game Tight (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Games People Play (song)

Gentleman's Agreement (movie)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (movie)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (musical)

Geronimo: An American Legend (movie)

Get Behind Me Satan (album)

Get Me Some of That (song) (country)

Get Some Crunk in Your System (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Giada at Home (TV show or series)

Gimme a Break (TV show or series)

Gimme a Break! (TV show or series)

Gimme More (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Gimme Some Lovin' (song)

Givin' Me a Rush (song)

Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour (TV show or series)

Glimmer Man (movie)

God Bless America (song)

God Friended Me (TV show or series)

Gollum/Smeagol (role)

Gomer Pyle (role)

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. (TV show or series)

Gomer Pyle, USMC (TV show or series)

Gonna Find Me a Bluebird (song)

Good Game: The Transition (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Good Moring America (TV show or series)

Good Morning America (TV show or series)

Good Ole Boys Like Me (song) (country)

Good Omens (TV show or series)

Good Times (TV show or series)

Great American Desserts (TV show or series)

Green Leaves of Summer (song)

Green, Green Grass of Home (song)

Greenwich Killing Time (book)

Grumpier Old Men (movie)

Grumpy Old Men (movie)

Gus & Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar (book)

Guys Do It All the Time (song)

Hamilton: An American Musical (musical, play)

Hang Time (TV show or series)

Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus (album)

Hannity & Colmes (TV show or series)

Happening Ten Years Time Ago (song)

Hard to Come By (song)

Harlem: The Diary of a Summer (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Harry Lime (role)

He Taught Me to Yodel (song)

He Touched Me (song)

Heavy Metal (movie)

Help Me Help You (TV show or series)

Help Me Hold On (song)

Help Me Make It Through the Night (song)

Hercules and the Amazon Women (movie)

Here Come the Rattlesnakes (song) (southern gospel)

Here Comes Carter (movie)

Here Comes Mr. Jordan (movie)

Here Comes Santa Claus (song)

Here Comes That Beat (album, song) (rap / hip-hop)

Here Comes the Judge (song)

Here Comes the Rugged One (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Here Comes the Sun (song)

Here Comes Wish (album) (rap / hip-hop)

High Crimes (movie)

High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton (book)

High Lonesome (movie)

High Time (movie)

Highlander: Endgame (movie)

Hipsters, Flipsters and Finger Poppin' Daddies Knock Me Your Lobes (album)

Hit Me with Your Best Shot (song)

Hoffmeyer's Legacy (movie)

Hold Me in Contempt (book)

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (movie)

Hollywood Here We Come (movie)

Home (album) (R&B) (rap / hip-hop)

Home (song)

Home Alone (movie)

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (movie)

Home Alone 3 (movie)

Home Alone 4 (movie)

Home and Away (TV show or series)

Home Dogs (group) (rap / hip-hop)

Home Fires (TV show or series)

Home Free (album)

Home Improvement (TV show or series)

Home Is the Hero (play)

Home of the Giants (movie)

Home on the Range (movie)

Home Room (movie)

Home Security (movie)

Home the Horror Story (movie)

Homecoming (TV show or series)

Homecomings (book)

Homegrown (movie)

Homeland (album)

Homeland (TV show or series)

Homeland Security (movie)

Homer Simpson (role)

Homestead Grays (team) (baseball)

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (movie)

Homeward Looking Angel (album)

Hot Tub Time Machine (movie)

Houston Comets (team) (basketball)

Houston Texans/Shreveport Steamer (team) (football)

How I Met Your Mother (TV show or series)

How to Make an American Quilt (movie)

How to Make It in America (TV show or series)

How Ya Like Me Now (album) (rap / hip-hop)

How You Play the Game (song)

I Am a Camera (play)

I Beat the Odds: From Homelessness to the Blind Side and Beyond (book)

I Can't Make You Love Me (song)

I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me (song)

I Dreamed a Dream (album, song)

I Dreamed of Africa (movie)

I Got Mexico (song)

I Just Came in Here (To Let a Little Hurt Out) (album)

I Know What You Did Last Summer (movie)

I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) (song) (rap / hip-hop)

I Love How You Love Me (song)

I Remember It Well (song)

I Remember Mama (movie)

I Remember Me (album)

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (movie)

I Wanna Talk About Me (song)

I Want You to Want Me (song)

I Won't Go Huntin' with Ya, Jake, But I'll Go Chasin' Women (song)

I'd Love You to Want Me (song)

I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (TV show or series)

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (TV show or series)

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! (TV show or series)

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (song)

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (song) (country)

I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (song)

I've Gotta Be Me (song)

Ice Age: The Meltdown (cartoon, movie)

If I Had a Hammer (song)

If Tomorrow Comes (album) (rap / hip-hop)

If Tomorrow Comes (book)

If You Don't Know Me by Now (song)

If You Don't Know Me by Now (song) (jazz) (R&B)

If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time (song)

In America (movie)

In America (song)

In the Name of the Father (movie)

In the Name of the People (movie)

In Time (movie)

In Treatment (TV show or series)

Infamous Times: The Original 50 Cent (movie)

Informer (song)

Inside Amy Schumer (TV show or series)

International Aerospace Hall of Fame 1965

Interrupted Melody (movie)

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall (song)

Invasion of the Saucer Men (movie)

Iowa Barnstormers (team) (football)

Iron Chef America: The Series (TV show or series)

Island of Lost Women (movie)

It Came from Outer Space (movie)

It Came from Outer Space (1953) (movie)

It Hurts Me Too (song)

It Was a Good Time (song)

It Wasn't Me (song)

It's About Time (album)

It's About Time (song)

It's About Tme (album) (rap / hip-hop)

It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown (cartoon)

It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown (cartoon, movie)

It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me (song)

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (album)

It's Just a Matter of Time (song)

It's No Summer Love (song)

It's Not for Me to Say (song)

It's Showtime at the Apollo (TV show or series)

It's Tee Time (song) (rap / hip-hop)

It's the Same Old Song (song)

It's the Same Old Song (song) (R&B)

It's Time (album)

J Beez wit the Remedy (album) (rap / hip-hop)

James A. Michener's Texas (movie)

James and the Giant Peach (movie)

James Bond (role)

James Madison University (station/channel, team)

James Madison University (team) (basketball)

James Madison University (team) (football)

James Taylor at Christmas (album)

Jane Doe: Yes, I Remember It Well (movie)

Jay and the Americans (group)

Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (group)

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (TV show or series)

Joe Somebody (movie)

Joe's Apartment (movie)

Johnny Come Lately (movie)

Judgement Day (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Judgement Day (movie)

Judgment at Nuremberg (movie)

Judgment Day (movie)

Julie, Do Ya Love Me (song)

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (movie)

Just a Moment (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Just Give Me a Reason (song)

Just Like Jesse James (song)

Just Shoot Me! (TV show or series)

Just Tell Me What You Want (movie)

Just Tell Me You Love Me (movie)

Keep Me in Mind (album)

Keep the Home Fires Burning (song)

Kids in America (song)

Kill the Messenger (movie)

Killin' Time (album) (country)

Killing Me Softly (movie)

Killing Me Softly with His Song (song)

King of Crunk & Bme Recordings Present: Trillville & Lil' Scrapp (album) (rap / hip-hop)

King of Memphis (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Kingdom Come (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Kismet (movie)

Kismet (movie, musical)

Kiss Me Deadly (movie)

Kiss Me Deadly (song)

Kiss Me Goodbye (movie)

Kiss Me Kate (movie)

Kiss Me Kate (movie, musical)

Kiss Me Kate (musical, play)

Kiss Me, Kate (movie)

Kiss Me, Kate (musical)

Kiss Me, Stupid (movie)

Kiss Tha Game Goodbye (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Kissing Time (movie)

KMEL (station/channel)

Knute Rockne All American (movie)

Knute Rockne, All American (movie)

Kramer vs. Kramer (movie)

L' Homme du train (movie)

La Bohème (opera)

La Femme Nikita (TV show or series)

Lara's Theme (song)

Late Night with Seth Meyers (TV show or series)

Law & Order True Crime (TV show or series)

Lean on Me (song)

Lend Me a Tenor (play)

Let Me Down Easy (song)

Let Me Go, Lover (song)

Let Me Hear Ya Say (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Let Me Hold U (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Let Me Love You (song)

Let Me Love You (song) (R&B)

Let Me Thru Dis B (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Let Me Watch (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Let the Good Times Roll (song)

Letters to an Incarcerated Brother: Encouragement, Hope, and Healing for Inmates and Their Loved Ones (book)

Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder (book)

Life is Killing Me (album)

Lights Come On (song) (country)

Like an Old Time Movie (song)

Like Me (book)

Lilac Time (group)

Lilac Time (movie)

Limelight (song)

Limelight (song) (metal)

Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Little Men (1940) (movie)

Little Women (movie)

Little Women (play)

Little Women (1933) (movie)

Little Women (1949) (movie)

Loaded! Become a Millionaire Overnight and Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks or Your Money Back! (book)

Loggins and Messina (group)

Lonesome 7-7203 (song) (country)

Lonesome Dove (TV show or series)

Lonesome Dove: The Series (TV show or series)

Lonesome Luke (role)

Lonesome Town (song)

Long Lonesome Highway (song) (country)

Look at Me (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Look What You Made Me (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Look What You've Done to Me (song)

Los Angeles Times (cartoon, newspaper/magazine)

Los Angeles Times (newspaper/magazine)

Lost Stallions: The Journey Home (movie)

Love Comes Softly (movie)

Love Letters of a Lifetime (book)

Love Me All Summer, Hate Me All Winter (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Love Me or Hate Me (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Love Me Tender (movie)

Love Me Two Times (song)

Love's Theme (song)

Love, American Style (TV show or series)

Lucia di Lammermoor (opera)

Lucifer's Hammer (book)

Mac Dre Is the Name (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Mad Dog Time (movie)

Mad Dogs & Englishmen (movie)

Mad Dogs and Englishmen (movie)

Mad Dogs and Englishmen (song)

Mad Men (TV show or series)

Madame Curie (movie)

Madame X (movie)

Made in America (movie)

Main Theme from Exodus (Ari's Theme) (song)

Make Me Laugh (TV show or series)

Make Me Smile (song)

Make Me Wanna (song) (country)

Make Someone Happy (song)

Makin' Me Feel (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Mame (movie)

Mame (musical)

Mame (musical, play)

Man Against Crime (TV show or series)

Mañana (Is Soon Enough for Me) (song) (jazz)

Marco A. Flores y La Numero Uno Banda Jerez (group)

Marking Time (TV show or series)

Marley & Me (movie)

Marry Me (song) (country)

Mars Needs Women (movie)

Mashed Potato Time (song)

Matchstick Men (movie)

Mathematical Games (column)

Matter of Time (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Maverick and Me (book)

Me & U (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Me Against the World (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Me and My Chauffeur Blues (song) (blues)

Me and the Boys (TV show or series)

Me and You and a Dog Named Boo (song)

Me and You and a Dog Named Boo (song) (country)

Me So Horny (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Me Voy Pa'l Party (song)

Me, Myself & Irene (movie)

Mean Creek (movie)

Mean Girls (movie)

Mean Old World (album)

Mean Streets (movie)

Mean to Me (song) (country)

Meatballs (movie)

Meatballs (song)

Meatballs Part II (movie)

Mechanical Animals (album)

Meddle (album)

Medea (play)

Medi Bayreuth (team) (basketball)

Medical Center (TV show or series)

Meditation (song)

Medium (TV show or series)

Medusa (album)

Meet John Doe (movie)

Meet Me in Las Vegas (movie)

Meet Me in Montana (song)

Meet Me in St. Louis (movie)

Meet Me in St. Louis (movie, musical)

Meet Me on Broadway (1946) (movie)

Meet Monica Velour (movie)

Meet My Mom (movie)

Meet the Applegates (movie)

Meet the Fockers (movie)

Meet the Girl Next Door (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Meet the Parents (movie)

Meet the Parents (movie, song)

Meet the People (movie)

Meet the Press (TV show or series)

Meet the Spartans (movie)

Meets the Beatles (album)

Megadeth (group) (metal)

Melancholia (movie)

Melina Havelock (role)

Mellow Yellow (song)

MellowHigh (group) (rap / hip-hop)

Melodie d'Amour (song)

Melody in the Spring (movie)

Melody Ranch (movie)

Melrose Place (TV show or series)

Melvin and Howard (movie)

Memoirs of a Geisha (movie)

Memoirs of an Invisible Man (movie)

Memories (song)

Memory (song)

Memphis (song) (blues) (country)

Memphis Beat (TV show or series)

Memphis Belle (movie)

Memphis Blues (song)

Memphis Express (team) (football)

Memphis Grizzlies (team) (basketball)

Memphis Mad Dogs (team) (football)

Memphis Maniax (team) (football)

Memphis Red Sox (team) (baseball)

Memphis Showboats (team) (football)

Memphis Southmen (team) (football)

Men at Work (movie)

Men at Work (TV show or series)

Men in Black (movie)

Men in Black (movie, song)

Men in Black 3 (movie)

Men in Black II (movie)

Men in Trees (TV show or series)

Men of a Certain Age (TV show or series)

Men of Honor (movie)

Menace 2 Society (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Menace II Society (movie)

Menace to Society (album) (metal)

Menace to Society (group) (rap / hip-hop)

Mental (TV show or series)

Mentirosa (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Mephistopheles (role)

Merauder (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Mercer Island High School (team) (basketball)

Mercer University (team) (football)

Mercury Blues (play, song)

Mercury Rising (movie)

Mercury Theatre (radio program)

Mercy (song)

Mercy (TV show or series)

Mercy Street (TV show or series)

Merrill's Marauders (movie)

Merry Go 'Round (song) (country)

Merry Go Round (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Merry-Go-Round (movie)

Message in a Bottle (book, movie)

Message in a Bottle (movie)

Messin' Wit My Mind (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Messin' with the Kid (song)

Metallica (group) (metal)

Metals (album)

Metamorphoses (poem)

Metamorphosis (album)

Metamorphosis (play)

Meteor (movie)

Meteor Man (movie)

Methuselah's Children (book)

Metropolis (movie)

Metropolis (1927) (movie)

Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase (album)

Mexico City Reds (team) (baseball)

Miami Medical (TV show or series)

Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (TV show or series)

Mike Hammer (TV show or series)

Mike Hammer, Private Eye (TV show or series)

Million Dollar Mermaid (movie)

Mini-Me (role)

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous (movie)

Mo' Mega (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Modern Times (movie)

Molly's Game (movie)

Moment (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Moments to Remember (song)

Monster Trucks and Hair in a Can: Who Says America Doesn't Make Anything Anymore? (book)

Monsters and Men (movie)

Montgomery County Sentinel (newspaper/magazine)

Montgomery Gentry (group) (country)

Moods...Moments (album) (R&B) (rap / hip-hop)

More Than I Dreamed (book)

Mortimer Snerd (puppet)

Motorcycle Hall of Fame 1998

Motorsports Hall of Fame of America 1990

Mourning Becomes Electra (movie)

Mourning Becomes Electra (play)

Music & Me (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Mutant Mindframe (album) (rap / hip-hop)

My 60 Memorable Games (book)

My Baby Just Cares for Me (song) (jazz)

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding (TV show or series)

My Dreams are Getting Better All the Time (song)

My Life & Freaky Times (album) (rap / hip-hop)

My Melody (album) (rap / hip-hop)

My Name Is Earl (TV show or series)

My Name Is Ed (TV show or series)

My Name Is Jhene (album)

My Name Jose Jimenez (song)

My Old Kentucky Home (song) (rap / hip-hop)

My Summer Story (movie)

My Truck Is My Home (album)

Mystery Men (movie)

Mystery Woman: Game Time (movie)

Mystery Woman: Sing Me a Murder (movie)

Myths of Free Trade: Why American Trade Policy Has Failed (book)

Najee's Theme (song)

Name (song)

Name That Tune (song, TV show or series)

Name That Tune (TV show or series)

Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 (musical, play)

National Aviation Hall of Fame 1964

National Inventors Hall of Fame 2003

National Organization for Women (group)

Never Let Me Go (song) (R&B)

New Mexico Highlands University (team) (football)

New Mexico State University (team) (football)

New York Americans (team) (football)

New York Metropolitans (team) (baseball)

New York Mets (team) (baseball)

New York Times (newspaper/magazine)

No Country for Old Men (movie)

No Stranger to Shame (album) (rap / hip-hop)

No Time for Sergeants (movie)

No Time for Sergeants (play)

Nobody But Me (song)

Nobody to Blame (song) (country)

North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (team) (football)

Not My Mama's Meals (TV show or series)

Nothing in the World Can Hurt Me (Except You) (song)

Notre Dame University (team) (basketball)

Now You See Me (movie)

Numero Dos (movie)

Of Mice and Men (book, movie)

Of Mice and Men (movie)

Of Mice and Men (play)

Of Mice and Men (1992) (movie)

Oh Lonesome Me (song)

Oh Men! Oh Women! (play)

Ol' Time Killin' (song) (rap / hip-hop)

On Borrowed Time (play)

On the Strings of My Lonesome Guitar (song)

Once Upon a Time (TV show or series)

Once Upon a Time in America (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Once Upon a Time in America (movie)

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (movie)

Once Upon a Time in Mexico (movie)

Once Upon a Time in the West (movie)

Once upon a Time: A True Story (book)

One Day at a Time (TV show or series)

One Hundred Men and a Girl (musical)

One Time (song)

Only in America (movie)

Our Endangered Values : America's Moral Crisis (book)

Out of Time (album)

Out of Time (movie)

Out of Time (song)

Outta Time (movie)

Pajama Game (movie, musical)

Pajama Game (musical)

Pajama Game (musical, play)

Pan American University (team) (basketball)

Parliament-Funkadelic (group)

Partners-N-Crime (group) (rap / hip-hop)

Party Times (newspaper/magazine, web site)

Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour (song)

Passing Me By (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Patriot Games (book, movie)

Patriot Games (movie)

Paul Harvey News and Comment (radio program)

Paula's Home Cooking (TV show or series)

People Call Me Ray Ray (album)

Perfume (movie)

Phenomena (group) (metal)

Phenomena (movie)

Phenomenon (movie)

Phoenix Mercury (team) (basketball)

Pieces of Me (album)

Pieces of Me (song)

Play Misty for Me (movie)

Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (song) (jazz)

Please Help Me I'm Falling (song)

Poèmes (album, opera)

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (movie)

Politikment Incorrekt (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Poor Me (song)

Prairie Home Companion (book, radio program)

Prairie Home Companion (movie)

Presumed Innocent (movie)

Prime (movie)

Prime Boys (group) (rap / hip-hop)

Prime Suspect (TV show or series)

Prime Suspects (group) (rap / hip-hop)

Primetime (TV show or series)

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (movie)

Product Placement (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Promenons-nous dans les bois (movie)

Prometheus (movie)

Purple People Eater Meets the Witch Doctor (song)

Put Your Hands on Me (album)

Quality of Mercy (song)

Queens Supreme (TV show or series)

Question Time (TV show or series)

Quik is the Name (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Ragtime (book)

Ragtime (musical, play)

Real Time with Bill Maher (TV show or series)

Reign Over Me (movie)

Reindeer Games (movie)

Release Me (song) (country)

Remember (Walking in the Sand) (song)

Remember M (movie)

Remember Me (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Remember My Name (book)

Remember My Name (movie)

Remember the Titans (movie)

Rescue Me (song) (R&B)

Rescue Me (TV show or series)

Return to Lonesome Dove (TV show or series)

Return to Me (movie)

Reuben James (song)

Ride Wit Me (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Right Thru Me (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World (book, web site)

Robert Montgomery Presents (TV show or series)

Robin Hood: Men in Tights (movie)

Rochester Americans (team) (hockey)

Rockstar Mentality (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Romeo + Juliet (movie)

Romeo and Juliet (movie)

Romeo and Juliet (1936) (movie)

Romeo Must Die (movie)

Romeo! (TV show or series)

Romeoland (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Roots: The Saga of an American Family (book)

Rules of Engagement (movie)

Rules of Engagement (TV show or series)

Running for Women (book)

Sacramento Attack (team) (football)

Sacramento Kings (team) (basketball)

Sacramento Monarchs (team) (basketball)

Sacramento Mountain Lions (team) (football)

Sad Movies (Make Me Cry) (song)

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (movie)

Salome, Where She Danced (movie)

Same Love (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Same Time, Next Year (play)

Same Trailer Different Park (album) (country)

Save Me (movie)

Save Me the Waltz (book)

Save the Last Dance for Me (song)

Scars & Memories (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Scientific American (newspaper/magazine)

Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee (TV show or series)

Send Me the Pillow You Dream On (song)

Sesame Street (puppet, TV show or series)

Sesame Street (TV show or series)

Seven Hills of Rome (movie)

Shame (book)

Shame (movie)

Shame of the Jungle (movie)

Shame, Shame, Shame (song)

Shameless (TV show or series)

Shanxi Flame (team) (basketball)

She Blinded Me with Science (song)

She Hate Me (movie)

She Loves Me (musical, play)

Sheriff John's Cartoon Time (TV show or series)

Sherlock Holmes (movie)

Sherlock Holmes (play)

Sherlock Holmes (role)

Sherlock Holmes in Washington (movie)

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (movie)

Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend (movie)

Show Me Love (song)

Show Me the Way (song)

Show Me Yours (TV show or series)

Shreveport Steamer (team) (football)

Siamese Dream (album)

Silk Tymes Leather (group) (rap / hip-hop)

Simplemente (album)

Sisters of Mercy (group) (punk)

Slim Aarons: Once Upon a Time (book)

Small Time (movie)

Smells Like Children (album)

Smiles of a Summer Night (movie)

Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (TV show or series)

Snoopy, Come Home (movie)

So Little Time (TV show or series)

Some Beach (song)

Some Cut (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Some Enchanted Evening (song)

Some Fools Never Learn (song) (country)

Some Girl (movie)

Some Hearts (album) (country)

Some Kind of Wonderful (movie)

Some Kind of Wonderful (song)

Some Like It Hot (movie)

Some Type of Love (song)

Somebody Loves You (song)

Somebody to Love (movie)

Somebody to Love (song)

Somebody Up There Liked Me (movie)

Somebody's Knockin' (song)

Someday (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You) (song)

Someday, Someway (song)

Someone Else Calling You Baby (song)

Someone Else's Baby (song)

Someone Like You (movie)

Someone Like You (song)

Someone to Care (song)

Someone to Love (song)

Someone to Watch Over Me (song)

Somethin' Stupid (song)

Something (song)

Something Beautiful (song)

Something Borrowed, Something Blue (movie)

Something for Joey (movie, story)

Something in the Air (TV show or series)

Something the Lord Made (movie)

Something to Be Proud Of (song) (country)

Something Wicked this Way Comes (book)

Something Wicked This Way Comes (movie)

Something Wild (movie)

Something's Gotta Give (movie)

Something's Wrong in Kansas (movie)

Something?s Gotta Give (song)

Sometimes I'm Happy (song) (jazz)

Somewhere (movie)

Somewhere in Time (movie)

Somewhere My Love (song)

Somewhere Out There (song) (R&B)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (song)

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (movie)

Southern Flame Spitta Volume 3 (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Southern Methodist Univerity (team) (football)

Southern Methodist University (team) (football)

Special Report with Brit Hume (TV show or series)

Spider-Man: Homecoming (movie)

Springtime in the Rockies (movie)

Spy Game (movie)

Spy Game (TV show or series)

Stand by Me (movie)

Stand by Me (song)

Stand by Me (song) (blues)

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (movie)

Star Trek: Nemesis (movie)

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (movie)

Stardust Memories (movie)

Start the Revolution Without Me (movie)

Stay with Me (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Stay with Me (song) (R&B)

Stealing Home (movie)

Still Me (book)

Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming (movie)

Stop! In the Name of Love (song) (R&B)

Stranger in My Home (movie)

Street Time (TV show or series)

Streetcar Named Desire (movie)

Strike Me Pink (movie)

Sublime (group)

Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet (album)

Suddenly, Last Summer (movie)

Summer and Smoke (play)

Summer Breeze (song)

Summer Holiday (movie)

Summer of Love (album)

Summer of Sam (movie)

Summer Renta (movie)

Summer Stock (movie)

Summer Wind (song)

Summerland (TV show or series)

Summertime Blues (song)

Summertime, Summertime (song)

Sunbury Mercuries (team) (basketball)

Superman and the Mole Men (movie)

Superman and the Mole-Men (movie)

Suppertime (song)

Sweet Home Alabama (movie)

Sweet Home Alabama (song)

Sweet Memories (song)

Sweet Smell of Success (movie)

Sweet Smell of Success (musical, play)

Sweet Smell of Success (play)

Sweet Smell of Success (play, song)

Swing Time (movie)

Swollen Members (group) (rap / hip-hop)

Syracuse Stormers (team) (football)

Take Me Along (musical, play)

Take Me Along (play)

Take Me Home Tonight (song)

Take Me Home, Country Roads (song)

Take Me Home: The John Denver Story (movie)

Take Me Out to the Ball Game (song)

Take Me Out to the Ballgame (movie)

Take Me to Church (album, song)

Talk to Me, Talk to Me (song)

Tammy Tell Me True (movie)

Teach Me How to Dougie (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Tell Me Something Good (song)

Tell Me the Story of Jesus (song)

Tell Me You Love Me (song)

Ten Gentlemen from West Point (movie)

Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives (book)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (movie)

Terms of Endearment (movie)

Thanks for the Memory (song)

That's Entertainment (movie, musical, song)

The 5th Dimension (group)

The Adjustment Bureau (movie)

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension (movie)

The Amen Corner (play)

The American Beauty (movie)

The American President (movie)

The American Woodshop (TV show or series)

The Americanization of Emily (movie)

The Americans (TV show or series)

The Ames Brothers (group)

The Andromeda Strain (book, movie)

The Andromeda Strain (movie)

The Andromeda Strain (TV show or series)

The Apartment (movie)

The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream (book)

The Ballad of Reuben James (song)

The Benchwarmers (movie)

The Best is Yet to Come (song)

The Best Is Yet to Come (song)

The Big Game (movie)

The Birds of America (book)

The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game (book)

The Blue Flames (group) (blues)

The Broadway Melody (movie)

The Cat's Meow (movie)

The Children of Men (book)

The Chimeras (group)

The China Syndrome (movie)

The Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show (2013) (TV show or series)

The Colgate Comedy Hour (TV show or series)

The Come on Down EP (album) (rap / hip-hop)

The Comets (group)

The Company Men (movie)

The Dating Game (TV show or series)

The Daughter of Time (book)

The Devil Made Me Do It (album) (rap / hip-hop)

The Divine Comedy (album)

The Door into Summer (book)

The Dream Merchants (book)

The Dreamer (movie)

The Dreamers (movie)

The Elements of Style (book)

The Eleventh Commandment (1933) (movie)

The Emeril Lagasse Show (TV show or series)

The Entombment of Christ (painting)

The Fame (album)

The Farmer's Daughter (movie)

The Fifth Element (movie)

The First Breeze of Summer (play)

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (song)

The Five-Year Engagement (movie)

The Flame (song)

The Four Freshmen (group)

The Four Horsemen (group)

The Game (movie)

The Game (song) (rap / hip-hop)

The Game (TV show or series)

The Game of Love and Unity (song)

The Game of Their Lives (movie)

The Game of Triangles (song)

The Game Plan (movie)

The Games (TV show or series)

The Giant Mechanical Man (movie)

The Glass Menagerie (movie)

The Glass Menagerie (play)

The Glimmer Man (movie)

The Greatest American Hero (movie)

The Greatest American Hero (TV show or series)

The Green Slime (movie)

The Gypsy in Me (book)

The Hands That Built America (song)

The Happy Time (play)

The Harder They Come (movie)

The Harrad Experiment (movie)

The Highwaymen (group)

The Highwaymen (group) (country)

The Highwaymen (folk music) (group) (folk)

The Hollow Men (poem)

The Home Show (TV show or series)

The Homecoming (movie, play)

The Hornes: An American Family (book)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (movie)

The Hunger Games (movie)

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (movie)

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (movie)

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (movie)

The Iceman Cometh (play)

The Informer (movie)

The James Bond Theme (song)

The Jamie Kennedy Experiment (TV show or series)

The John Byner Comedy Hour (TV show or series)

The Journeymen (group)

The Kingsmen (group)

The Land Before Time (cartoon, movie)

The Land Before Time (movie)

The Land That Time Forgot (movie)

The Last Time I Saw Paris (song)

The Late Late Show with James Corden (TV show or series)

The Lazarus Syndrome (TV show or series)

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (movie)

The Lettermen (group)

The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams (movie)

The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams (TV show or series)

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (movie)

The Limeliters (group) (folk)

The List of Adrian Messenger (movie)

The Little Drummer Girl (book, movie)

The Little Drummer Girl (movie)

The Little Mermaid (movie)

The Little Mermaid (musical, play)

The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (movie)

The Long Voyage Home (movie)

The Long Walk Home (movie)

The Long Way Home (album) (rap / hip-hop)

The Long Way Home (album) (R&B) (rap / hip-hop)

The Love Boat Theme (song)

The Man Who Came to Dinner (play)

The Man Who Loved Women (movie)

The Mao Game (movie)

The Match Game (TV show or series)

The Mating Game (movie)

The Mechanic (movie)

The Meg (movie)

The Mellomen (cartoon, group, song)

The Member of the Wedding (play)

The Men from the Ministry (radio program)

The Men Who Stare at Goats (movie)

The Menace Clan (group) (rap / hip-hop)

The Mentalist (TV show or series)

The Merchant of Venice (play)

the mermaid (role)

The Merry Widow (opera)

The Merv Griffin Show (song, TV show or series)

The Message (movie)

The Meteor Man (movie)

The Metropolitan Hotel (album)

The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman (TV show or series)

The Minutement (group) (punk)

The Moment of Truth (song)

The More the Merrier (movie)

The Movement (group) (rap / hip-hop)

The Murder of Emmett Till (movie)

The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (movie)

The Name of the Game (TV show or series)

The Name of the Rose (movie)

The National Parks: America's Best Idea (movie)

The New Mike Hammer (TV show or series)

The Newcomers (movie)

The Newlywed Game (TV show or series)

The Omega Man (movie)

The Omen (movie)

The Omen (movie, song)

The One, the Only Magnificent Me (book)

The Pajama Game (movie)

The Pajama Game (musical, play)

The Pamela Mason Show (TV show or series)

The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story (TV show or series)

The Performers (musical, play)

The Philadelphia Experiment (movie)

The Pink Panther Theme (song)

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (movie)

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (play)

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (movie)

The Purple People Eater Meets the Witch Doctor (song)

The Queens of Comedy (album)

The Real Testament (album) (rap / hip-hop)

The Regime (group) (rap / hip-hop)

The Return of Frank James (movie)

The Roots Come Alive (album)

The Roots Come Alive (album) (rap / hip-hop)

The Sands of Time (movie)

The Secret Life of an American Wife (movie)

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (TV show or series)

The Seven Hills of Rome (movie)

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (TV show or series)

The Social Experiment (group) (rap / hip-hop)

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (book, movie)

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (movie)

The Spy Who Loved Me (movie)

The Statesmen Quartet (group) (southern gospel)

The Steve Lawrence-Eydie Gorme Show (TV show or series)

The Stiller & Meara Show (TV show or series)

The Stranger Beside Me (book)

The Supremes (group) (R&B)

The Sweet James Jones Stories (album) (rap / hip-hop)

The Sweet Smell of Success (movie)

The Swimmer (movie)

The Ten Commandments (movie)

The Ten Commandments (1923) (movie)

The Testament (album) (rap / hip-hop)

The Thin Man Goes Home (movie)

The Third Man Theme (song)

The Three Mesquiteers (movie)

The Time Has Come (album)

The Time Machine (book)

The Time Machine (movie)

The Time of Your Life (play)

The Time Traders (book)

The Time Traveler's Wife (movie)

The Time Tunnel (TV show or series)

The Times (newspaper/magazine)

The Times They Are a-Changin' (song)

The Tournament (movie)

The True Meaning (album) (rap / hip-hop)

The Tuskegee Airmen (movie)

The Tymes (group) (R&B)

The Ugly American (movie)

The Vision of St. Jerome (painting)

The Waiting Game (movie)

The Watermelon Heist (movie)

The Weathermen (group) (rap / hip-hop)

The Wild Women of Chastity Gulch (movie)

The World at the End of Time (book)

The World is Full of Married Men (book, movie)

Theme from a Summer Place (song)

Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To) (song)

Theme from Shaft (song) (R&B)

Then Came Bronson (TV show or series)

Then He Kissed Me (song)

There is Nothing in This Book That I Meant to Say (book)

There She Is, Miss America (song)

There Were Times, Dear (movie)

There'll Come a Time (Wait and See) (song)

There's A Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere (song)

There's Something About Mary (movie)

There's Something About Remy: Based on a True Story (album) (rap / hip-hop)

There's Something Abut Mary (movie)

They Call Me Mister Tibbs! (movie)

They Can't Take That Away from Me (song)

They Never Saw Me Coming (album)

thirtysomething (TV show or series)

This Magic Moment (song)

This Time for Keeps (movie)

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes (movie)

Three Men and a Baby (movie)

Three Men and a Little Lady (movie)

Three Men on a Horse (play)

Three Tall Women (play)

Three Time Loser (song)

Three Times Dope (group) (rap / hip-hop)

Throw Some D's (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Thug Lord: The New Testament (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Till the End of Time (movie)

Time (newspaper/magazine)

Time After Time (movie)

Time Bandits (movie)

Time Cop (movie)

Time Flies (album)

Time Machine (TV show or series)

Time Out of Mind (album)

Time Remembered (play)

Time Runner (movie)

Time Stands Still (play)

Time Trackers (movie)

Time, Love & Tenderness (album)

Timecop (movie)

Timeless (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Timeless Journey (album)

Timeline (movie)

Timequest (movie)

Tiny Dancer (Stay with Me) (song) (rap / hip-hop)

To Be Fat like Me (movie)

To Rome with Love (movie)

Tommy James and the Shondells (group)

Tonight, You Belong to Me (song)

Tony and Me: A Story of Friendship (book)

Tony Rome (movie)

Too Close to Home (movie)

Too Legit: The MC Hammer Story (movie)

Top of the Game (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Touch Me (song)

Touch Me I'm Sick (song)

Tournament of Roses Parade (TV show or series)

Transamerica (movie)

Transformers (movie)

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (movie)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (movie)

Trapped in Crime (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Treme (TV show or series)

Trick Me (song)

Trigonometry (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Trip in a Summer Dress (movie)

Trouble in the Amen Corner (album)

Truck Stop Women (movie)

True Crime (movie)

Trust Me (TV show or series)

Try to Remember (song)

Tulsa Time (song) (country)

Turn Me Loose (album)

Twelve Angry Men (play)

Twice Upon a Time (movie)

Twilight Time (song)

Two and a Half Men (song, TV show or series)

Two and a Half Men (TV show or series)

Two Came Back (movie)

Two Can Play That Game (album) (R&B)

Two Gentlemen of Verona (play)

U Gotta Feel Me (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Umma Do me (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History (book)

Unchained Melody (song)

Under the Dome (TV show or series)

University of Memphis (team) (basketball)

University of New Mexico (team) (baseball)

University of New Mexico (team) (football)

University of Notre Dame (team) (basketball)

University of Notre Dame (team) (football)

Untamed (album) (country)

Untamed Heart (movie)

US Men's Olympic Team (team) (basketball)

US national men's basketball team (team) (basketball)

US national women's basketball team (team) (basketball)

US National Women's Team (team) (soccer)

USA Women's National Team (team) (basketball)

Use Me (song)

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (movie)

Wait for Me (album) (punk)

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me (radio program)

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! (radio program)

Walk of Fame (movie)

Walk Witt Me (album) (rap / hip-hop)

War and Remembrance (movie)

WarGames (movie)

Washington Merry-Go-Round (column)

Washington Statesmen (team) (baseball)

Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Watch Me Fall (album)

Watchmen (movie)

Watermelon Man (movie)

Way Off the Road: Discovering the Peculiar Charms of Small Town America (book)

We Shall Overcome (song) (folk)

Welcome 2 Detroit (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Welcome Back, Kotter (song, TV show or series)

Welcome Back, Kotter (TV show or series)

Welcome to America (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Welcome to Diverse City (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Welcome to Jamrock (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Welcome to Mooseport (movie)

Welcome to New York (TV show or series)

Welcome to Paradise (movie)

Welcome to Sweden (TV show or series)

Welcome to the Dollhouse (album)

Welcome to the Dollhouse (movie)

Welcome to the Zoo (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Wet Hot American Summer (movie)

What Time Do You Have to Be Back in Heaven (song)

What Women Want (movie)

What's My Name? (song)

What's Your Mama's Name? (song)

When Harry Met Sally (movie)

When Harry Met Sally... (movie)

When in Rome (movie)

When She Loved Me (song)

When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain (song)

When the Red, Red Robin (Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along) (song)

When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano (song)

White Men Can't Jump (movie)

White Water Summer (movie)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (cartoon, movie)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (movie)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (movie)

Who Killed the Homecoming Queen? (book)

Why Don't You Believe Me? (song)

Why Not Me (song)

Wicked as They Come (movie)

Wicked Wicked Games (TV show or series)

Will You Love Me Tomorrow (song)

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (song)

Wings of Fame (1990) (movie)

Wings over America (album)

Winter Meeting (movie)

Women in Love (book)

Women in Love (movie)

Women in Revolt (movie)

Women of the House (TV show or series)

Women Who Kill (movie)

Women Without Names (1940) (movie)

Women's Murder Club (TV show or series)

Women's Prison (movie)

Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me (book)

Work from Home (song) (R&B) (rap / hip-hop)

Work with Me, Annie (song)

Worst Cooks in America (TV show or series)

Wot, No Meat (song)

Would You Go with Me (song) (country)

Would You Lay Down with Me (In a Field of Stone) (song)

Writer's Block Volume 5 (album) (rap / hip-hop)

X-Men (movie)

X-Men 2 (movie)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (movie)

X-Men: Apocalypse (movie)

X-Men: Days of Future Past (movie)

X-Men: Days of Future Past X-Men: Days of Future Past (movie)

X-Men: First Class (movie)

X-Men: The Last Stand (movie)

Y'All Come Back Saloon (song)

Y'all Come Back Saloon (song) (southern gospel) (country)

Y'All Come Back Saloon (song) (southern gospel) (country)

Y'all Don't Know Me (song) (rap / hip-hop)

Year of the Comet (movie)

You Belong to Me (song)

You Better Ask Somebody (album) (rap / hip-hop)

You Can Count on Me (movie)

You Can't See Me (album) (rap / hip-hop)

You Don't Have to Say You Love Me (song)

You Don't Know Me (song)

You Don't Mess with the Zohan (movie)

You Don't Own Me (song)

You Gonna Luv Me (song) (rap / hip-hop)

You Kill Me (movie)

You Know Me Al (column)

You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (song)

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (song)

You Remind Me (song) (R&B) (rap / hip-hop)

You Remind Me of Something (song)

You Still Move Me (song)

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (movie)

You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To (song)

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (song)

You're Makin' Me High (song)

You've Been Cheating on Me (song)

You've Come a Long Way Baby (album)

You, Me and Dupree (movie)

Young Jeezy Presents USDA: Cold Summer (album) (rap / hip-hop)

Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers (group)

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